Berserkers Exclusive - La Vieille Cure 2006 for $13.50 per bottle

Here you go boys (and girls)…a little encore, this time with the 2006 La Vieille Cure.

It may not be the 2005 (although it’s close) but the price is once again quite silly. For all of you wishing to go Berserk, here is the link…

At checkout, enter promo code “goberserk2”. Valid until June 14th.


You’ve already got my order…

(Sorry Wetrock, no more room in my case - I just filled it)

Is this a futures Max? Will you have receipt of the wine by the Fall?

In stock baby! You can have it next week (cooked of course since you are in Arizona). I just want to see Sax stepping up big on this one :slight_smile:

Nice guitars Max. I just have to figure out if I have room for another case in my already overcrowded cellar. Afterall, I am expecting my 05 Bordeux futures from PC one day soon. [emot-pwn.gif]

That’s my faithful '53 Tele and a killer copy of SRV’s Strat down to every scratch and detail. Fun pieces.
How come nobody has started a PC thread here yet? [wow.gif]

That is a sick price. How do you like this wine Max? Is this an early drinker, or one to put away for a year or three? I love the fact that this can happen on this board. I am now sold on this board and will donate to the cause.


It is a more classic example than 2003 and not far off the 2005 (not quite as seamless and with the same long term potential). Dark fruits, juicy, ripe tannins and succulent Merlot fruit. A crowd pleaser basically.

Yes, I think Todd is creating a good community of like-minded people here and we’re all happy to contribute and participate.


Next is '07 Vieille-Cure for free and Max also gives you a six-pack, a pack of Marlboros and five dollar bill. [taunt.gif]

Oh lovely…now Mr. UPS can drop off a case of 05 and 06 at roughly the same time.

Max - thanks much. Good to be here as a Twitter recruit.

Yes…and “It pays to be a Wineberserker!”…should I trademark all these? [wow.gif]

Thanks Phil…and thanks Lance!


Ordered a 6pack. Can you bring these with the '05s to lunch Friday?


It’s one of the many benefits of being a Wine Berserker. You get special offers, you get to speak freely, ITB’ers are embraced here, AND you get all the chicks.

Sure Mark.


Bought a 6 pack too, and added misc 6 pack. Time to start trying to make a special effort to support the members here. [cheers.gif]

Any 05 left? Can I combine an order for a few of each at the special price(s)?


Sure. The 2005 coupon is expired and it’s a little tricky to use two coupons at the same time anyway (impossible actually). You can shoot me a PM or email with your infos and I will process it from here. I will honor the $20 on the '05 obviously.


thanks Max - PM sent.

Somehow, some way, Max just made La Vielle Cure rival my Alesia/Rhys Pinot inventory in like 5 minutes.

I try, but I can’t stop.

Hell with it - bring on all the mad deals, my VISA can handle it.