Berserkerfest SOCAL: Chinese food and wine in the San Gabriel Valley JULY 29 (MENU UPDATE)

Been percolating in my head that we don’t seem to do large scale off lines anymore in Los Angeles. So I’ve decided let’s do one. Everyone is welcome.

WHERE: Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park, they have a side room that has 3 large tables that fit 10 each.
700 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

WHEN: July 29th Dinner, start time 6:30pm
THEME: Bring whatever you’d love to share. You can even split off into themed tables if you so deem. Newbies welcome!! One bottle per person minimum please.
Cost: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD. IF NO ONE BAILS the total pp will be $96 (for 28 people. if we have more the cost reduces). 8.75% LA sales tax. 30% tip. There’s no corkage, we’ll definitely be the last people there, we have a large private room and their service is top notch.

So bring cash. If you prefer to venmo/paypal me the info is below.

Venmo is: charlie-fu



Maybe i’m being too ambitious, but cap at 33 people.

The following menu

  1. Roast Pig combination
  2. Stir Fried Conch with Veggies
  3. Snow white scallop with Crab
  4. Braised birds nest with Fresh Crab meat
  5. Sliced abalone 7 sea cucumber with oyster sauce
  6. French style baked lobster
  7. Crispy Chicken with garlic sauce (will probably substitute this dish for roast Squab if it doesn’t incur additional pricing)
  8. Steamed Live Fish
  9. Golden Sand Fried Rice
  10. Sweet Walnut soup.

    1 Charlie - Magnums: 2012 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Meursault Charmes, 2003 Marcel Juge Cornas and ??? confirmed
  • 2 Todd French - confirmed
    *3 nowell Karten confirmed
    *4 Brian Bohr confirmed
    *5 Eric Ifune confirmed
    *6 paul rosenberg confirmed
    *7 Ron F confirmed
    *8 Ron F +1 confirmed
    *9 Ed Gonzales confirmed
    *10 Ed Gonzales +1 confirmed
    *11 Andre M confirmed
    *12 Curtis c confirmed
    *13 Curtis +1 confirmed
    *14 Scott Watkins confirmed
    *15 Scott Watkins confirmed
    *16 Matthew King confirmed
    17 Jesus Fontamillas confirmed
    *18 Mike S confirmed
    *19 Dana S confirmed
    *20 Chris Choi confirmed
    *21 juyuan Wei confirmed
    *22 Clem confirmed
    23 Leslie F confirmd
    *24 Bruce L confirmed
    *25. Daniel Kimmelman confirmed
    *26. Frank C confirmed
    *27. Frank C +1 confirmed
    *28. Bob d’amico confirmed
    *29 bob +1 confirmed
    *30 Drew M

If July 29 weekend, I’m likely in! (next week is BerserkerFest in Santa Barbara…)

So this can perhaps be a PDH-style event, but on the Left Coast! Woot.

If we’re talking about dinner and not lunch, I’m enthusiastic and unencumbered for either July 29th or August 5th; if it’s on July 22nd, I have a work commitment that would prevent me from getting to the restaurant before 7:30, if at all.

I would bring Champagne and German Riesling.

Love that place - I can make July 22nd or July 29th work (with a preference for the 29th).

Nowell. Dinner. Thanks for having me clarify.

So 22/29 are good with 29 being better. Let’s hear more voices!!

Maybe, maybe…

I’d like to attend but could only come on the 29th.
I could bring anything.

I’m in for the 29th with my better half as a maybe for now.

Looks like the 29th is winning…

Mark and Brad, you guys interested in a carpool?


Great idea - thx for organizing. That date will likely work for wife and me, so pls put me down +1.

Put me down +1. I’ll go for sure if Frenchie brings chave and first growths.

Charlie, i’m in. Thank you.

sounds like I need to add a magnum of juge to this party now

Will be joining with a +1. Thanks!

Whew. Won’t just be a table for two of Me and todd

this looks like a lot of fun, bummed to miss out, traveling/out of town that weekend and was working the other two proposed dates anyway. Hope you guys have a good time so that we can do it again in the SGV/central LA area

I’m thinking a mag of La Crema - just BALLIN’

Chave and Burgundy?! Put me in + 1 :slight_smile:

I should be able to bring a 2012 juge if we want to put together a mini-vertical (or on its own).