BerserkerFest Official Naming Rules

The people have spoken, and herein lies the official naming/numbering rules for BerserkerFests henceforth:

Chronological order in the numbering of BerserkerFests. Each BerserkerFest will be numbered in chronological numerical order, in a combination of the year and its order within that year. For example, this year (2019) we’ll start them with BerserkerFest 10.0 and the next event planned will be BerserkerFest 10.1, then 10.2, etc until 2020 when it will start over at BerserkerFest 11.0, etc. MUCH easier to remember this way!!
BerserkerFest or not BerserkerFest? We’re gonna loosen the requirement a bit on this so that we can keep some naming going, and not require it to be a HUGE event, but also require it’s not a tiny one. Let’s go with 10 or more attendees is a ‘fest’ and part of the numbering system.

Naming of BerserkerFests. Beyond the numbering system, the chief party planner/organizer/head wino is allowed to add a name or locale to the title of BerserkerFest. For example, BerserkerFest 4 - Napa, or Berserkerfest 4 - Bowman Bonanza, or Berserkerfest 7 - ‘SaxFest’. All are acceptable, provided the numbering system is kept intact. This is a way for the organize to honor himself or herself, or to place a geographical stamp on an event, such as the NYC BerserkerFests.


UPDATE: Some concern has been raised as to the frequency of BerserkerFests. There should never be more than 4 (four) official BerserkerFests per year. Anyone can take the lead on the next/forthcoming BerserkerFests, but please check with me first, so we don’t have overlap, scheduling issues, or too much frequency.

All other events can bear separate names, but if we are going to have big ol’ BerserkerFests, and maintain our reputation for big, multi-day parties, we need significant planning, commitment, and scheduling consistency.

NEWLY UPDATED! Much easier to remember this way…