Berserkerfest Day 2 - White Plains May 29 - Now with Menu! Please sign up so I know how much food.

Updated May 27

2016 Spring Berserkerfest 1000 Day II
1:00 pm to close (with a break at 9:00 pm for Game of Thrones if it is on this weekend)
I am making an executive decision to call this #1000.
May 29, 2016
52 Sammis Lane, White Plains

Wine glasses - No need to bring them. We just did a count and we have over 80.

For those of you who are worried about whether you will have enough food to eat, the menu is shaping up as follows:
Morel and Porcini Risotto

Lemon and Lime Cured Antibiotic Free Gravlax with sour cream dill sauce

Smoked Pulled Pork Butt with South Carolina Vinegar Slaw; Choice of Homemade Vinegar Mustard or Tomato Maple Syrup and Light Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Fried Chicken Crullers

Smoked Brisket with Pipian Rojo Mole a la Culinary Institute and Caramelized Spanish Onions

Home Ground Moroccan Lamb Sliders with Fire Roasted Red Onion and Green Pepper Garnishes and Greek Yogurt, Dill and Persian Cucumber Tatziki Sauce

Dessert: Lots of people said they would bring dessert, so I have no idea.


Professor V et ux.
The Toddster all alone - since Jenn is shopping again. :frowning: :frowning:
Jordan Whitehead
Drew Trivissono and his much better half
Dan The Hammer Hammer and his wife
The Count, The Countess and Zachary
Leo and family.
David Lazer and Caroline Levy
Asher Rubinstein
The Good Jay Miller and Arnold
Arlene and Stephan Bassett
Jan, Robin, Neal, Lynn, Anthony, Jeff, Marg, Carol, Assorted other friends of ours.
Hip Hip Hore Hay - leaving early due to hot date with Jenn’s friend.
Brent, aka The Tattoo Man - (if they allow him out of the asylum for a day)
Christian Dalbavie
Michel Aboobooboo
Lots more Berserkers

We will start at 1 pm or thereabouts and go until we have all had enough, which will mean after dinner. If you want to bring food, anything that can be grilled on a BGE, a Weber Summit or a Weber kettle will work very well. Large pieces of red meat, especially dry aged from Flannery, is always appreciated.

The only requirements are as follows:

You must bring really good wine.
When you open the really good wine you bring, you must offer a taste to your host, because last time that didn’t happen and I found some bottles of really good wine that somehow managed to be empty without me having tried them.

Post your interest and your wine here so we can keep a running list of people and wines. If you want to bring food, list that as well, but food is entirely optional.

Janice and I will attend.

Since the theme is really good wine, and not wines that suck, I may bring an '07 EMH Black Cat Cabernet.
Not sure what my other bottle will be.

We’re a definite maybe. Rhone will be brought.

In of course.

Yes Sir. Will post wine later.

I’m looking into my flight plans to ensure arrival, but let’s give it a 40-60 at this time.

I’m in!!!

I’m not sure that Jay will allow Italian wines. neener

Looking forward to seeing you (and Amy) again. [cheers.gif]

Why not? If he brings one of those famous Giacosas, I will open a 2000 Aldo Conterno Granbussia.

another good excuse to come back to NY

Arnold and I will be there.

Tentative Wine Contributions:

2007 Vilmart Coeur
1997 von Schubert Maximin Grunhauser Herrenberg Spatlese
1995 Grand Puy Lacoste

Tentative Food Contribution if a new recipe works out and the farmers market still has rhubarb tonight:

Strawberry Rhubarb Tart ('tis the season )

tentative for me.

Bump. Since I did not rate a stickie, I will have to bump this myself. Be there or be square.

Looking for a few people to split car service to queens/brookyln after Jay’s house

how much is uberx in NYC? In LA a 60 minute 35 mile ride would only cost about $60

I priced Uber X from jay’s house to a place near LGA and range was about $50-$70. Not sure if they include the bridge toll

If you’re talking the railroad (Metro North) to Jay in White Plains…

1 way off-peak is $8.75. Buy your ticket from the machine or the clerk. If you buy-on-board, there’s a stiff premium. $15.00 for the one-way. I’d suggest buying a roundtrip (no discount for that, but faster in case you’re running late on the return).

If you’re a senior, the 1 way fare is $5.75. The Conductor doesn’t card you, so you’re on the honor system.

Train schedule from Grand Central to White Plains - Frequent service

12:51 PM 1:27 PM 36
12:54 PM 1:41 PM 47
1:22 PM 2:00 PM 38
1:24 PM 2:19 PM 55
1:51 PM 2:27 PM 36
1:54 PM 2:41 PM 47
2:22 PM 3:00 PM 38
2:24 PM 3:17 PM 53
2:51 PM 3:27 PM 36
2:54 PM 3:41 PM 47
3:22 PM 4:00 PM 38
3:24 PM 4:19 PM 55
3:51 PM 4:27 PM 36
3:54 PM 4:41 PM 47
4:22 PM 4:58 PM 36
4:24 PM 5:17 PM 53
4:51 PM 5:27 PM 36
4:54 PM 5:41 PM 47
5:17 PM 5:53 PM 36
5:24 PM 6:19 PM 55
5:51 PM 6:27 PM 36
5:54 PM 6:41 PM 47
6:22 PM 6:58 PM 36

36 minute trains are express. Trains taking over 50 minutes are local. Everything else is in between.

Returning to the city, there are 2 trains per hour. One is express, and the other is the dreaded local.
The last train is 1:09 am Monday morning.

There is a possibility of me picking you up at the station, otherwise the cab will run about $12.00. Taxi’s meet the train.

Tentative menu - it will change often:

Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil
Smoked pulled pork on a challah roll with Carolina vinegar/mustard slaw
Smoked brisket with mole sauce and caramelized onions
Mediterranean lamb burgers or meatballs with Tatziki on pitas or maybe in oft tacos
Any red meat or other grillables that people bring if they choose to

VEGANS (ancient Apache word for Bad Hunter) and others with dietary needs will be accommodated so long as they tell us in advance.

All food made on premises.

Dessert? I have a friend who is a former pastry chef and who likes good wine but is intimidated by us so she said she will make desserts instead. I will probably set up for fresh dipped chocolate covered bacon.

Menu subject to change

Do wish I could come, hopefully one of these years. Will expect to see notes! Have fun—and try not to throw too many people into the pool.


Guess I need to start figuring out how we’re getting around, including to Jay’s house (wow, what a menu, btw!). Thanks, Dan, for the info on the train - perhaps we should coordinate a group to arrive at the White Plains station around the same time, perhaps get a group taxi? We’re staying Midtown