BerserkerDay VIII Master Thread (Information, Details, Discussion) PLEASE READ

This will be the principal thread for all discussions related to the 8th BerserkerDay - a buying extravaganza unrivaled in any other wine community, anywhere. One day (two, if including the Subscribers Advance Purchase Day) where over $200,000 in wine and wine-related goods are sold to eager wine lovers throughout this community.

How does BerserkerDay work?

Anybody - registered member or not - can view the BerserkerDay subforum (where you are now) and the offers that wineries, retailers, and other wine-related product sellers will have posted. It starts approximately 7:30 am PST on January 27th, and each offer will have its own thread. I will be posting them in chunks of approximately 10, in intervals of approximately 30 minutes. Threads will NOT bump to the top of the list when replies are made this year, but discussion - as always - is HIGHLY encouraged. That’s part of the fun! Share this event with your friends, on your social media accounts! Our Twitter handle is @WineBerserkers for those that tweet, and the more you share, the more fun we ALL have here!! I want to see some tagging on Facebook and Twitter, folks!

Preview Day/Early Purchase Offers

On January 26th, Thursday, Subscribers will have access to the Pre-Launch forum to see ALL the offers, and plan their buying strategies. NO PURCHASES CAN BE MADE FROM THAT FORUM, and violators stand to lose the ability to participate in future BerserkerDays. There are, however, ‘Early Purchase Offers’, wherein BerserkerBusiness members, in a separate forum, can sell their offer on the same day as Preview Day, Jan 26th. Only Subscribers will have access to Preview Day and Early Purchase Offers, everybody else (guests and registered members) will be eligible on Jan 27th.

Auctions Special Preview today at 9:00 am PST!!!

Auctions will commence toward the afternoon, finishing in the evening. Likely they will commence when BerserkerDay is officially ‘over’, in that all offers have been posted on the public subforum, here. Because there is no revenue share for participants in BerserkerDay, the auctions are a generous effort by those participants to raise money that otherwise would be ‘required’ as a revenue share model. This way the offers given to the folks who show up are maximized in their value to those making the purchases :slight_smile: Each auction will have its own thread, and if you have any money left, we encourage you to bid! (Special 15 minute preview today at 9:00 am PST, in the BerserkerDay Auctions subforum (you’ll see it above, in this forum, once the preview starts) and then they shut down until Noon.)

Updated first post with some general info (will continue to do so), and have the thread open for discussion

What time will the preview day be available for subscribers? I’m heading to Philly for a wine dinner and want to be able to plan accordingly.

Probably 7:30 am PST - I should wear the Berserkers shirt, good reminder (seeing your profile)

bumping, so people see the OP, as I’m getting a lot of questions that are easily answered by reading the ‘Master Thread’…

Hi All,

I Imagine you get a lot of attention for Berserker Day, but do the Winemakers only sell cases to you, or can pick and choose a couple here and a couple there?


Hi Brad -
Each winery has its own, separate offer, which will be posted in the Berserker Day forum throughout the day on Friday.

All unique offers, but lots of threes/fours etc. available.

Part of the intent is to allow us all to experience new wineries, some offers may be single bottles purchased through their websites, others may be multi bottle lots.

Check the Berserker Day VII thread for last years offers. This years offers will be new and unique from last year, but it might provide an idea of what to expect on Friday. Enjoy the fun on Friday.

I’m not sure exactly what I bought last year but i got wine from about six wineries and never bought more than 3 or 4.

Last year’s offers.

Brad, fwiw,
Last year was my first BD. Think of it as sample packs, a way to try out some new wines. As stated, go to last years offers and do some up front work to get an idea of what you would be interested in. And check out the newbie offerers on this years BD topic. Then fling yourself into the fray on Friday, armed with some advance knowledge. It is fun; maybe try some wines you would not otherwise try; they are typically discounted; you may find some things are not in your wheelhouse, but that is how we learn, partly I think.

Merging threads…

So when we come here on the morning of the 26th and go to the forums page, we will see an ‘Early Purchase Offers’ forum separate from the others?

Yes, you will have access to the Pre-Launch forum, and the Early Purchase Offers forums

Help? I’m trying to figure out the format for a fundraiser lot for WB board maintenance $$$?

People don’t know or think about where their food (meat) comes from. With all the foodies we have, I was thinking about donating a living, breathing, heart still beating pig. The participants would take that pig, humanely harvest, render, then carefully prepare and eat it.

There are different phases that would transpire up to the point where we put it into our bellies. Not all would equally want to participate in each phase of production. But some who consider themselves carnivores, would perhaps want to participate in the sacrifice of a living thing that transforms that creature into food.

You can’t auction someone getting to kill a pig. I would probably do that part. We would clean it. There is the culinary aspect. Then eat, drink and be Merry.

How would you coordinate the date and auction that? It would be a weekend in early summer? Is this even reasonable to consider doing?

Cool. Thx

Here’s what’s up for tomorrow, folks…

Preview Day: Subscribers will have viewing access to ALL offers starting tomorrow around 7:30 am (depends when I get all the logistics, rules, permissions figured out, so it might be closer to 8:00 am PST) and will have access to 41 ‘Early Purchase Offers’ as well! Subscribers can only purchase from the Early Purchase Offers subforum (you’ll see both subforums when you come here, to the BerserkerDay VIII forum), not from the Pre-Launch forum. There are 90 offers in all, and I’ve turned down quite a few this year to keep it somewhat manageable.

I’ve sent out launch times for BerserkerDay, and that’s when it all goes public for all to see. I’ll be launching in groups of ~10 starting at 7:30 am PST, in 30 minute increments.

Auctions start at NOON PST, and we have a lot of them, and they are AWESOME. PLEASE save a little bit of money for the auctions, as we do them instead of a ‘revenue sharing’ deal for offers made, as we’d rather maximize the savings to the Berserkers on all those offers rather than increase the cost by X% to cover a revenue share. Please note that we’ve actually turned down auction items from participants who have been generous in the past, as we don’t want to take advantage of their generosity.

Pete’s idea has now become my most important BD thread to watch out for!!