BerserkerDay IX

Im getting excited for the upcoming BerserkerDay. Any idea what date this year? Anyone else ready to restock the cellar?

Same day as every year

Jan 27, as always.
Gotta remember to keep your powder dry.

Restock? It’s overflowing


I cannot fit what is incoming over the next two months, I will be buying very little at BD this go round.

I’ve been working on new offers. A couple of nice Washington producers since WBers were complaining WA wasn’t being represented.

Know a great winery that you’d like to see? Have a contact? PM me and I’ll do all the dirty work.

Anyway we can get a few more vendors selling grey market wine glasses. LOL.


I think Merrill planted the seed on another thread and it’s been on my mind since.

I am counting the days!

I have wines incoming that I have no room for + at least three mailers hitting in the next two months that I’m for sure buying. So, I’ll obviously be buying on BD, as well.

LOL, my annual mantra…

I have my base offers pretty much set in my mind. I am moving some stuff from the warehouse to the shipper today, actually, to get all the ducks in a row. It’s less than 90 days away!