BerserkerDay IV Master Thread (discussions, info, etc - FIRST POST UPDATED)

Yes, folks, it is coming! BerserkerDay 2013 is soon upon us, once again - the 4th, and finest iteration of this glorious and remarkably expensive day for wine lovers. Each year we set new records for participants, and new records for forum traffic (typically double even the biggest day).

This year, be sure to tell your friends, as I’m opening the forum up to anyone who wants to see it - you don’t HAVE to be registered (unless you have an order that requires you to PM the winery, in that case, you better register!) to see the deals. We’ll have a Twitter hashtag of #berserkerday and hope that you can post your favorite threads on Facebook as well on the 27th.

Again I had the assistance of a committee of Berserkers, and I thank them for helping out. The good news is that they were able to create a list that is larger than ever before. The bad news is that I have to post and manage that list, with all its last minute changes! Note that I have a performance the evening of the 27th, and Jeb Singleton - BerserkerDay Veteran - has agreed to post the last few offers that I can’t get to prior to me leaving for LA. I hate missing the action, but wow I’ll be happy at intermission looking at what transpired in my absence!!

So what companies are participating, you ask? Here’s a partial list:

Alpha Omega
Amitié Wines
Anderson’s Conn Valley
Anne Amie
Bailiwick Wines
Best Wines Online
Big Basin Vineyards
Big Basin Vineyards
Biggio Hamina
Briceland Vineyards
Buttonwood Winery
Cabot Vineyards
Calluna Vineyards
Campesino Cellars
Cellars 33
Chester’s Anvil
Clos Saron
Dacalier Wine Co.
Denison Cellars
Down to Earth Wines
Drew Family
Dunstan Wines
EMH - Black Cat Vineyards
Fielding Hills
Fogline Vineyards
Fulcrum Wines
Gourmet Delights
Guilliams Vineyards
Halcon Vineyards
Helio Terra Wines
Hi-Time Wine
Jean Edwards Cellars
Kahn’s Fine Wine and Spirits
Kapcsandy Family Winery
Keating Wines
Kendric Vineyards
LaCrosse Technology
Ladd Cellars
Lagier Meredith
Loring Wine Company
Match Vineyards
Nicora Winery
Ostreon Cellars
Patricia Green Cellars
Perman Wine
POE Wines
Siduri Wines
Sojourn Cellars
Sonkin Cellars
Storyteller Wine/Ayres Vineyard
Tercero Wines
The Coffee Grounds
The Wine Check
Two Hands Wines
Vincent Wine Company
Windy Oaks
Wine Library
Antica Terra
Nicora Winery
Mark Herold

Seriously, you had better start saving your money NOW! Donors will receive a link to a spreadsheet that contains all the offers, on Saturday the 26th, tomorrow, giving them advance notice and also the chance to nab a few offers early, as a couple of places have opened up ordering a day early!

History of Wine Berserkers (and BerserkerDay as a celebration):

For those who do not know, BerserkerDay was named for the day it was founded at its current location on the web - January 27 - with the URL

History of Wine Berserkers: Special thanks go out to Mark Squires for giving us our name (attached file below) and Melissa McCall for capturing the moment, before the word that bore our community became a banned word…

FYI, soon this forum will be visible only by registered members of Wine Berserkers.

Don’t forget, DONORS get a sneak preview of the offers, likely the day before they are to post!!

Is it best to send my offer to you in email, or is there a better place/person to send it to?

Email is best, to me - todd at

I just sent my offer in and its the deepest offer ever, since I offered up the PB HEIN wines at the first and second BDay events.

And we all know how well THOSE went over! WOOT!

Hands down, this years offer is the largest the public has ever been offered from BHC. And it’s a Berserkers only!

PS it’s great to meet you all when you come visit!

I am posting here for my annual Veleta Donation! Todd hope you can use a donations of a 3 pack with Veleta Vijiriega, Veleta Tempranillo Rose’, and a Tempranillo Joven. Another 3 pack of reserva reds, Veleta Nolados, Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon and Veleta Tempranillo. And lastly a pack with Veleta Brut Rose, Veleta EVOO made with the rare Lechin de Granada olives from our farm, Veleta 7 year aged Sherry Vinegar (a key ingredient in authentic Spanish culinary kitchens), Veleta Baby Sardines, and Veleta White Tuna, both packed in Olive Oil.

I haven’t seen many other donors posting so I hope I am posting this in the correct place. Would love to see who else is donating for Berserker Day IV!! grouphug

Thanks, Nola!

The sardines from Veleta are RIDICULOUS

And I am working on a website to be able to order them directly from me too!

Awesome. I would love to try the wines. And maybe sardines?

Veleta Vijiriega and sardines, baby…

I’d love to try!

Excited to have Denison Cellars involved this year! It’s gonna be a great deal…

Good to have some more Oregon wines in the mix!

I wonder if we’ll get the always-fun Rascal wines this year…

My web guy and I did a trial run through today and it all looks good. Of course we had some glitches, but we worked them out.
Since I do a very limited time offer (3 hours), it’s pretty key to be ready. We are talking about rebooting the server, etc. to try to be certain that the day is fun, and that I am available to answer direct inquiries, rather than trying to solve technical problems with the ordering system.

Write to Linda. The current release of pinot gris is a sick value.

We’re around 40 offers at present, and I’ve yet to get finals on at least a dozen more. I expect we’ll have another 60 or so this time, as we had last time.

Be sure to tell your wine-loving friends about BerserkerDay as well - only adds to the fun!

I’ve reset the ‘most users online ever’ counter today, as we’re bound to exceed it this year on BerserkerDay, as we always do. It removed that crazy number from the ddos attack, presumably courtesy of a certain former Berserker.

The first record was 506 users on BerserkerDay 2011, then BerserkerDay 2012 had over 600 users (I believe it was 676 but can’t remember, and I don’t see that I kept a screenshot, so if you know the number, let me know and I’ll edit this). For BerserkerDay IV, let’s aim for 800!


Email sent.