BerserkerDay IV - Jan 27, 2013 - BRAINSTORMING TIME!

It’s time.

Stop buying from those lists, and save money for BerserkerDay, which is just over two months away. The BerserkerDay IV Committee is starting to assemble a master list, and will be contacting wineries starting immediately. ITB’ers, don’t wait to be contacted - let us know if you want to sell some wine, beer, or accessories on this absolutely insane day. (Those who have participated in past years will testify…)

I have created a Private Message ‘group’ for the Committee, so if you are ITB and want to submit an offer, feel free to do so by selecting the BerserkerDay IV Committee group in your private message, click ‘add’ and we’ll all get it.

You’ll note that BerserkerDay III’s forum is now a subforum of the BerserkerDay IV forum - - that way you can reference back and forth between the two if needed, to see how things went down last year, and how much insanity we had. Each year it gets bigger, and better, and more expensive due to deals you can’t refuse. I’ll move this thread to that forum once we get closer to the date.

As before, we’ll give the Donors a sneak preview (if you haven’t yet become a Donor of Wine Berserkers, click the ‘Donate’ button the upper right of the screen, next to the tilted A that lets you change the font size on your screen) of what offers to expect, but the rest of you will have to wait as they are posted. Each offer will have its own thread, and details about the offer and how to nab it will be contained therein.

Fortunately it is on a Sunday this year, the week before the Super Bowl, so there will be no issues with work getting in the way (unless you are a pastor, I guess). It will start early, and end late, so be prepared to be on the forum ALL DAY and pay off your credit cards before the day arrives. Seriously.

So…as the Committee is assembling some great offers for the Wine Berserkers community, now’s a good time to ask if there are other ideas for what we should do either on BerserkerDay, or before/around BerserkerDay. Social networking, videos, interviews, collaborative effort with a retailer, email jokes, whatever.

Let’s brainstorm!

We could have people organize offlines in their cities for that day. Make a party out of it. The OCW4P crew could fill up WCC. It’d be like a war room.

That’s a fantastic idea!!! I can post deals from wherever, so that’s not a big issue.

Legend Cellars is another good spot, as that’s where I keep my wines [snort.gif] but they don’t have a table/chairs setup other than the patio, and the smelly cigar room…

Thoughts on massive regional offlines? Within that, we could have photo contests, etc.

I didn’t get any private message but remain interested in participating.

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

Dammit! We tried to keep you from knowing!

Kidding…we haven’t started sending out requests yet. There’s a conference call scheduled for tomorrow so we can firm things up, then reach out to all the new and repeat wineries. I’ll likely be in charge of the repeat offenders…and we were counting on you, Adam!

ITBers, please note that no PMs have been sent out requesting offers for this year as of yet. I’m starting to receive messages from wineries stating they have not received a PM solicitation - that’s because we haven’t started reaching out yet, but we plan to starting this week

Let me know if you do this. If work doesn’t get in the way I’m game for a “BerserkerDay War Room Offline” at WCC.

“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here… this is the War Room!”

Todd, I’m in for the Domaine Dujac mixed case.


Just brainstorming…

I’ll start working the OC offline. And I’ll post a formal thread in the offline forum.

I suggest a group of us all rent a nice big house at Tahoe, ski Friday and Saturday, and have a big offline / berserker buying fest before heading home on Monday.

Great way to spend 4 days, and all my first quarter wine allotment.

Good call! Jealous…

Would it be possible for the participating wineries to post their ship to states in the offer? Some websites you couldn’t tell until have way through the order process that they don’t ship to my 2 states.


Great idea

Might be a shorter list to post where they don’t ship to.

Any idea when you might be sending out the sneak preview. I only ask because I may be out of town the day of and need to set up a proxy.

Probably not until a day or two before the actual day