BerserkerDay IV - EVERYBODY WAKE UP! (deal from The Coffee Grounds)

What better way to launch BerserkerDay than with an offer that includes coffee!!

Eric from The Coffee Grounds has this microlot deal for us:

We are heading to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks and are going to be visiting these farms/mills.

1 # each of 3 micro lots from Costa Rica. Roasted on order and shipped to a US address. $48/shipping included.

1# Don Mayo, Tarrazu, San Francisco de Leon Cortes ‐ Finca La Loma #46
1# Helsar de Zarcero ‐ Claudio Salazar
1# Helsar de Zarcero ‐ Macho Arce

Costa Rica is a role model when it comes to high‐end specialty microlots—i.e. coffee
that is produced by its date and origin—because each farm has it’s own terrior.
Farmers live within higher standards than their counterparts at other origins. About
ten years ago many farmers started building their own micro mills in order to keep their
coffee separate from commercial coffee and sell a superior product. Here are where the
coffees are from.
Beneficio Don Mayo is owned and managed by Hector Bonilla and his son Pablo
Bonilla. Itʹs a medium‐sized mill by Costa Rica standards. They own farms and process
their own coffee. At the same time they buy cherry from their relatives in the
surrounding areas. In regard to the estates, they are located between 1,500 and 1,950m
therefore it is a SHB (Strictly Hard Bean). The coffee trees are combined with the
cultivation of other varieties of plants that serve as shade coffee production and also
produce alternative products, these crops are avocado, leek, banana, oranges, custard
apples and lemons. Café Don Mayo, is a coffee that has a distinct fragrance and sweet
flavor ‐ chocolate, high acidity, good body and a unique flavor.
Cup attributes that can be found in our coffee are fruit flavors and fragrances and citrus.
Located in the West Valley of Costa Rica in the Llano Bonito de Naranjo microregion,
Helsar de Zarcero is a micromill started by three families with the goal of providing
traceability to the high quality coffee grown on their land. Today, ten families now
work to produce and mill coffee at Helsar de Zarcero. The farm is well know in the
specialty coffee world for the sustainable practices used throughout the farm and the
high quality of itʹs coffee. Their farm uses organic fertilizers that are fermented on‐site
by mixing coffee cherry pulp and molasses, along with mined zinc, boron, and other
minerals. Micro‐organisms are cultured from soil collected on nearby mountains and
added to the natural fertilizer in order to provide disease protection to the coffee plants.
Helsar de Zarcero is committed to producing high quality microlots, and it shows in the
cup, which is consistently round, rich, and very sweet. These lots are 100% Caturra,
which is a natural mutant of Bourbon.

I’m getting in on this! Gotta have some good sauce to wake up in the morning!

Sorry, this is my first WB day. How do you place an order for the offer? Do you email the seller?


Send email to address at bottom of offer.

Great. Thanks!

Dana was on the fence for this offer until she saw “These lots are 100% Caturra, which is a natural mutant of Bourbon.”
Order in.

I am in on this deal. Coffee and wine deals. What can be better on a Sunday morning?

Thanks to everyone who ordered coffee. We do have eight more pounds available if anyone else is interested.

OK all you lucky people that ordered this coffee…I was just over at The Coffee Grounds and saw the bags of green coffee beans getting pulled out…they are roasting the orders tonight! Now thats fresh roasted :slight_smile:
It sounded like they may roast a litle extra so if anybody wants in send Eric an email right away.
I am really looking forward to trying these.

I’m in - I hope!

Made a pot of the Don Mayo this morning - great coffee!

Coffee delivered on Wednesday, and we are drinking the Helsar de Zarcero ‐ Macho Arce this weekend. Great aroma and flavor with a nice light roast. Looking forward to the other 2 packages down the road.

Ha! Drinking the same It is a light roast but has Great flavor. A nice reprieve from my usual lavazza espresso.
Thank you Eric!

Agree…really liking this one.

Really liked all the coffees, but want more of the Don Mayo.

I just wanted to bump this thread. They are roasting some more of this coffee this week and had the offer below available.
$28 plus shipping…
½# Don Mayo San Francisco de Leon Cortes ‐ Finca La Loma #46
½# Helsar de Zarcero ‐ Claudio Salazar
½# Helsar de Zarcero ‐ Macho Arce
½# Coop Tarrazu Community La Trinidad