BerserkerDay 15 Master Thread (Jan 26, 2024) WOW! WE DID IT! RECORDS SET ACROSS THE BOARD!

Ooh the flashy banners at the top are new.

@Tom_P_avlik in this forum, yes

I share the confusion. I’ve been pinging around the handful of links provided in this thread and can’t figure it out.

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So, the offers aren’t posted yet?

Sorry for the confused question but I got excited with the T-5 minutes that was 14 minutes ago and I’m still not seeing any offers on this chain

They are in the forum in which this thread exists (as per the OP which has ALL the info you need, lol)


As did mine, in Brooklyn! I ordered it less than 24 hours ago. Insane!

Check out Perkins HARTER.

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Running tally from Apollo, Deaver, Baer, Neely, Orr, Sabelli, Six Cloves, and Vincent -

Red - 1 case - 6 Bordeaux blends, 4 pinot noir, 2 zin
Rose - 1 case - Sabelli mix + 1 rose of pinot noir
White - 2+ case - 11 chard, 7 riesling, 6 chenin, 4 gruner
Sparkling - 3 btl
Fortified - 2 btl port

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Apparently I gave you all a bonus drop of 10, for a total of 20, as I launched two groups at the same time.

Happy 15th Anniversary, apparently!


Is Orr’s posting already live today and I missed it?

No, I had the pages open in separate tabs yesterday, waiting on the official start of BD15 today. Hopefully I didn’t fudge the rules :sweat:

Is there a Morgan Ranch offering for BD15??? I don’t seem to see one

I think a lot of people should look at the first post in this thread, it has all the answers before they are even asked


Everybody launches at a different, unknown time…

PLEASE read the first post, everyone, it will save you frustration!

Should be coming up in one of the next launch groups.

and that’s why you gotta stick around until at least noon PST, for ‘Newbies at Noon’ - they go one hour pinned, and lots of really fun stuff there. 1pm is the last of anything being ‘pinned’, and the auctions start soon thereafter (at 2pm)

Next drop at noon EST now to balance out the double I presume?

yup, every 30 minutes but for the one time I doubled it

Excellent. Just wanted to be sure I could safely take a bathroom break :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did I miss Smoking Goose?

Again, please read the first post :wink:

They launch at times nobody knows, and once they are launchd, they are up for the day

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