The results are in, and I can’t even believe some of these numbers. We’ve broken every record imaginable, and by quite a lot in most cases.

First, let’s look at traffic, yes, the traffic that slowed down the server significantly, some were getting blank screens for a while, needing constantly to refresh. Our prior record was 2247 users online at any given time…we bested that by more than 65%, at 3,775 users online at a given time, set on BerserkerDay.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 10.56.42 AM.png
Then let’s look at some analytics, for those who want see the details: (overlay with last BerserkerDay, which was our biggest ever)

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 3.28.02 PM.png
Now for the sales numbers…

Last year’s sales totals were just in excess of $800,000, and I knew once Preview Day this year came around that we’d exceed that. I did not expect us to exceed it by THIS much!

How does $1,608,271 sound??? (and we still haven’t heard from half a dozen participants!)

Yes, we almost doubled (and likely did, if I received all the data) last year, and that’s absolutely astounding to me.

Thanks to Brig’s mastery of Excel, we have been able to parse through all kinds of categorical data, and here are the fun ones:

20 participants sold $25k or more!
8 Newbies sold $10k or more, 11 at $8000 or more! That’s extraordinary to me, and I’m guessing extremely exciting for them [cheers.gif]

I truly fear we’ll never meet or exceed the BerserkerDay 12 numbers again, but I will not stop trying. I will be assembling a ‘BerserkerDay Council’ to help guide me, as our participation this year was obviously accomplished through the unique world in which we live, with Covid-19 keeping more people home, eating in more, buying more alcohol to deal with the b.s., etc. I’ve noticed that since the quarantine our community has grown, and been far more active. Online friendships and relationships have blossomed under this forced-at-home timeframe, and that’s extremely valuable to all of us. It reminds me of when we first started Wine Berserkers back in 2009, the camaraderie and interaction, both on the forum and on our various Zoom video conferences, with winemakers and just casual (like the one this Friday). It is my hope to preserve this ‘magic’ for a bit longer, see if we can continue to immerse ourselves with the companionship that our common interest gives us, and when BerserkerDay is the culmination of that togetherness, we all get to see just how exciting this little wine community can be.



Holy crap, that’s a lot of wine.

[wow.gif] [wow.gif] [wow.gif]

Proof in the pudding, Great Job Todd and Brig!

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WOW, those are huge numbers! Very glad to be a part of it, it was great fun!

Happy to do my part! [cheers.gif] flirtysmile

Those are incredible numbers, so glad for those participants that have been with us for so many years and congratulate the newbie sellers. These are all small businesses that must really work hard and appreciate the audience that is berkserkers.

Hell yeah! Hats off to Todd, Brig and all the vendors that made this record possible!

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Congrats to the vendors, Todd & Brig et al., and woo woo to all BDers [dance-clap.gif]

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Congratulations to the entire team.
Great idea to have a council!
With the tremendous sales you should expect more wineries and others to participate. Records will continue to be broken!
champagne.gif champagne.gif champagne.gif

Truly impressive and thanks for all the hardwork.

If my basic math is right that’d be an average of almost $150 spent by every visitor to the site that day. Pretty sure ANY business would kill for that, even for a single day.

Well done!

That’s amazing! Awesome work by Todd, Brig and team. Thought the offers were fantastic and can’t wait for the weather to warm up to start sampling (which seems very far away at this point as there is almost two feet of fresh snow outside my front door).

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Dang, that is simply awesome. I bought wine from 6 or so wineries I have never heard of before, such a cool event. Cheers to making 2021 a better year

Congrats to Todd, Brig, and team. Thank you for all the time you all put in to the site everyday and to the amazing community here!

Man Todd and team! That’s just awesome!!

Wow. Hats off to Todd, Brig and the team. What a great testament to this event and this community.

Amazing. Hats off to all involved.


champagne.gif Wow, thanks for all the hard work, I certainly set a personal best for spending! Now the goodies start to come in! champagne.gif [cheers.gif]