BerserkerDay 12 Master Thread/FAQ

This will be the principal thread for all discussions related to BerserkerDay 12 #BD12 - a buying extravaganza unrivaled in any other wine community, anywhere. One day (two, if including the Grand Cru Crü Advance Purchase Day) where over $750,000 in wine and wine-related goods are sold to eager wine lovers throughout this community. (ANOTHER new record set last year!) This year’s big ‘feature’ will be a big handful of recommended/member-suggested wineries that have never-before participated - prepare to spend more than you ever have!

First of all, BerserkerDay (full history posted below) is a celebration of the founding of this amazing and vibrant community of wine lovers around the world, and it started on the first anniversary of our founding, 12 years ago. The idea is to have a day-long celebration by introducing wine and wine-related products to the community at large, at deals that you CANNOT find elsewhere, primarily because those making the offer are so small that they don’t have ‘sales’. It’s a fantastic way to introduce yourself to some new small wineries, in particular, and I can attest - as can thousands of others who have bought on BerserkerDay - that I’ve found some of my favorite producers this way.

How does BerserkerDay work?

Anybody - registered member or not - can view the BerserkerDay subforum (where you are now) and the offers that wineries, retailers, and other wine-related product sellers will have posted. It starts approximately 7:30 am PST on January 27th, and each offer will have its own thread. I will be posting them in chunks of approximately 10, in intervals of approximately 20-30 minutes. Threads from prior launch groups will NOT bump to the top of the forum when replies are made, preserving the current launch group’s space ‘in line’, pegging that launch group at the top. One exception: the Sponsors of BerserkerDay (back by popular demand, as those who were Sponsors last year want very much to do it again!) will have their listings pegged at the top of the BerserkerDay forum for the entire day. It should be a small group.

Discussion - as always - is HIGHLY encouraged. That’s part of the fun! Share this event with your friends, on your social media accounts! Our Twitter handle is @WineBerserkers for those that tweet, and the more you share, the more fun we ALL have here!! I want to see some tagging on Facebook and Twitter, folks!
(Offers are made by the wineries, businesses, retailers, etc, and each offer has its own specific order parameters, which will be outlined in the offer itself. Wine Berserkers does not take any orders, has no e-commerce capabilities, nor licenses to sell wine, so each offer posted will have the directions on how to order)

Categories, specific to BD12: Last year we had just two categories - Newbies and Sponsors - and we’ll repeat the same this year, as it worked beautifully.

Newbies have been featured the last few years, and it’s important to highlight them a bit because BerserkerDay is such madness, they easily and quickly get lost in the shuffle. We’ve had features/bios on them in the past, and I’m hoping we can do the same this year, with a separate ‘Newbie Intros’ subforum, as has been done in the past, giving the buying public a few days to look in on these newcomers to BerserkerDay.

Sponsors - Sponsors this year receive the pegged listing, keeping them atop BerserkerDay forum for the entire event. The topic icons for the Sponsors will be the following:

Preview Day/Early Purchase Offers

On January 26th, Tuesday, Grand Cru Crü and Monopole Crü members will have access to the Pre-Launch forum to see ALL the offers, and plan their buying strategies. NO PURCHASES CAN BE MADE FROM THAT FORUM, and violators stand to lose the ability to participate in future BerserkerDays. There are, however, ‘Early Purchase Offers’, wherein BerserkerBusiness members, in a separate forum, can sell their offer on the same day as Preview Day, Jan 26th. Only Grand Cru Crü members will have access to Preview Day and Early Purchase Offers, everybody else (guests and registered members) will be eligible on Jan 27th. Both will be open around the same time.


Auctions will commence around noon, finishing in at 8pm Pacific. Save some money for auctions, as many of our participating wineries and businesses offer auction items to the community, as thanks for the benefits they get during BerserkerDay, since there is no cost to participate (there is no cost to participate because this maximizes the discounts offered to the community! Rather than take a percentage of sales, the auctions are the way to financially support the community, throughout the year, and are a lot more fun than taking a slice from the deals being offered!)

2020 sucked like no other year, so let’s hope BerserkerDay 12 sets us all off on an amazing year filled once again with wine and friends, getting together and enjoying our passion with one another



For those who do not know, BerserkerDay was named for the day it was founded at its current location on the web - January 27 - with the URL Each year, on the 27th, I invite wineries, retailers, and other peddlers of the wine industry to offer berserk deals on their wares. Each is posted throughout the day, in groups of about 10, in roughly 30-minute increments, spreading out the fun throughout the day, ending with an auction of even more fantastic items. This day of deals is a fantastic way for those ITB to give back to consumers, and also the reverse, as many, many new and exciting wineries/producers/wines are discovered by Berserkers on BerserkerDay, with purchases made, and discussions from those who might have experience with them. There is NO revenue sharing or cost to any participating winery or retailer, as to do that would raise the prices in the offers - this way, the maximum discount is given to all those who show up on this magical day. It’s also a way for me to give back to what makes Wine Berserkers what it is - the community! All the fantastic content on WB is from you, and here’s a way for me to setup a virtual party for everyone - current and future community members.

History of Wine Berserkers: It’s a common question, so I like to list the history during BerserkerDay. The name ‘Berserkers’ actually comes from Mark Squires (the image below shows when/how the original group of 15 or so was named by him), before the word that bore our community became a banned word on that website and forum. Our growth has never stopped over the past 10 years (there was half a year on another domain name as well) and we’re currently nearly 30,000 registered members strong.

This year, be sure to tell your friends, as I’m opening the BerserkerDay 12 forum up to anyone who wants to see it - you don’t HAVE to be registered (unless you have an order that requires you to PM the winery, in that case, you better register!) to see the deals. We’ll have a Twitter hashtag of #berserkerday and #BD12 and hope that you can post your favorite threads on Facebook as well on the 27th. PLEASE help point it out to me, so I can see when folks are sharing. My Twitter handle is @toddfrench, so please tag me, and on Facebook, I’m easy to find.

Our PR campaign worked well for BD10, so if you didn’t have a chance to see some of the pieces that featured BerserkerDay, check these out:

Forbes: Where To Find The Best Wine Deals: BerserkerDay January 27
Orange Coast Magazine: Todd French Celebrates 10 Years of Wine Berserkers, World’s Largest Online Wine Community

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Well I’m excited!

This is your first one, I see!! Don’t miss it…

Here we gooooooo!

Todd when do you think we’ll be able to start getting a running list of participants?

You never get that! You should know - you ain’t no BerserkerDay rookie, come on neener

Preview Day is your first shot at seeing everyone.

That’s part of the fun!

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shoot. was hoping to sneak it in. haha!

I’m excited, I feel like Berserker Quarantine Relief didn’t have the same feel…

Berserker Quarantine Relief was a whole new thing, never before done. BerserkerDay is madness, and I go absolutely nuts around that time, as do most Berserkers. Imagine how much wine (and other stuff) has to sell to get to $750,000 in just one day!! (without DRC and Lafite, anyway)

My goal is to be 1/750th of that. Gotta support these Berserkers!

Here’s the Championship round I counted up for BerserkerDay 10 (didn’t do one for 11) - check out these numbers!!

I enjoy sleeping in a bed, the couch isn’t nearly comfortable enough to make that list…

It’s a good year to be a member of Grand Cru Crü, folks, as we’re putting together GCC-only offers/discounts, plus one particular bonus (at least, thus far) from one of our participants. ONLY for GCC, baby :slight_smile:

I’ve been receiving a few panicked emails from those who want to participate as sellers, as they hadn’t yet received any notification of it. No worries, as I haven’t yet sent anything out.

I’ll be sending an ‘invite’ of sorts either late this week or early next week, starting the group of participating businesses/wineries at that time.

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Ah, the calm before the storm.

I’ve been drinking lots of Berserkerday wines recently and plan on giving props to all the offers once they go live. For whatever reason, I purchased a lot of Oregon wine last year. yummy stuff.

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I purchased a lot of Oregon wine this year. I expect that’s a new reality for me…

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On it!!

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I read this to be a hint that DRC and Lafite are joining BD12!!

Having never experienced a BD before, I went back and reviewed the past several year’s worth of offerings and auctions…WOW! I am excited!!!


Hmmm need to see what we can offer.

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