Berserker Day Reorders

OK. So whom is reordering already??

I’ll kick it off with it a case order of the kick ass Sauvvy from Trathen Hall.

TN 2019 Trathen Hall Willamette Valley Sauvignon Blanc : Great nose of sanitary sauvy. Crisp palate with fantastic textural attack and coating. Mouthwatering. Light yet can be serious depending upon the pairing. Finishes long and savory. Alcohol does detract (13.2%) but only a teeny-tiny bit. This begs for summertime; burrata crostini, fish tacos, and all things non f&cking Covid. Absolutely delicious and ethereal. Well done.

Blair, I’m in for a case. Navigating to your website now.

So funny, I’ve reordered something every year.

I’ll reorder iOTA chardonnay as the house chardonnay.

super “late” here, I know, but have already re-ordered from Flannery … a “duh!” no-brainer … better late than never!

Oh, nice. Glad you liked it! Fish taco’s…that’s perfect. Sorry, I’m only just getting back to you…

iOTA has been a repeat…but for the most part, I like giving new producers a try.

I ordered another case of Shiba Wichern. Some Willamette Cuvee and some Lewman. I was very impressed.

Reordered from Stereophonic. Great, unique wines.

Much appreciated, Michael. [cheers.gif]

Reordered from Morgan Ranch. Grill pack was great so I went with a more unique cut this go round, tomahawk ribeye. Will be having them next weekend but they look beautiful in the package.

Walter Scott, two reorders already. Love that Chardonnay.

Reordered already from Nola and her Veleta 2005 cab (drinking another bottle tonight).

This was the very first Berserker Day I ever paid even the slightest attention to, but I paid enough attention to order wines from Veleta, iOTA, and Ocelli. It was fun ordering and I remain super excited about the wines. Kicking myself for never really paying much attention to past Berserker Days, but plan to participate my remaining years on the planet! Thank you to all the producers who offer such great deals to all of us!! [cheers.gif]

Sandler 6 pack reload.

Why fight it?

Just put in my first order! [cheers.gif]

Since BD 12, I’ve reordered:

  • 6 pack of the 2015 Trathen Hall La Chenaie Vineyard Pinot Noir
    this is absolutely fantastic.
  • case of 2015 Red Electric Pinot
    I’ve followed this since release and its maturing beautifully

Re-upped on the Muscat from Patty Green. Perfect for summer!

I’ve been loving that! May need to reorder here too!