Berserker Blend from Flannery is the greatest ground beef ever.

Yes, with a period.

I just finished a traditional bolognese and just can’t believe how much flavor that blend has - it transforms anything I’ve used it for, and to feature it in bolognese is probably among the best ways to highlight it.

I sincerely hope they keep making it, as I’ll keep buying it, without a doubt.

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try the ground Kali blend which is also incredible from Flannery. when you open the pack it smells dry aged beef all the way.

Glad I bought both.
Amazing stuff

Another vote for the Berserker Blend. I’ve asked for a redo on the recent bacon blend, that was pretty darn tasty.

Well formulated ground beef is such a treat but exceedingly rare.

I used it for meatballs to go with my spaghetti last night. Best meatballs I’ve ever made. Makes a great chili, tacos etc…

I did the same and am Happy also!

And salad from the EarthBoxes.


Makes me happy to read this. I will pass it on to Katie next time I see her!

She’s heard it from me plenty of times, too - keep telling her, so they keep making it!

Will do! She is a friend of my niece and her husband. One time she brought me about 20 pounds of back ribs (left from making boneless ribeyes) for my smoker. Insanely delicious meats there. (Of course, she stuck around to drink wine and eat with us.)

I did chili with it for the Super Bowl and a round of burgers. Saving my last pound for another meal, meatballs sound good but maybe this thread will bring some new ideas.

I’ve used it a couple times for chili. Adds a richness you don’t get from regular gr beef. Same with tacos!

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Brian your first chili pic was my inspiration!

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I can’t make burgers anymore unless I have Flannery, Kali blend specifically. Outstanding.

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Adventurous blend has the same dry aged aroma and flavor. Try it!

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i have made 2 batches and my kids loved it. Oh yeh, I did also. hoping to get a lot more next year, but will have to re-up in a month for BBQ season

Glazed Korean Beef Meatballs


Looks fantastic, Scott