Beringer 1992: Chabot Cabernet Sauvignon & Bancroft Merlot. Any thoughts?

I have a chance to buy from reliable source both wines ( as in topic), wines were imported by late 90’s to Europe and rest till today in wine cellar of importer. The same where I bought marvelous La Jota Cabernet Franc 1996
Prices below 100 Euro.
In notes for Bancroft Ranch Merlot are very nice but for Chabot Cabernert Sauvignon it seems that this wine did not stand test of time.
It is very interesting as I checked that Robert PArker first score for Beringer Chabot cabernet Sauvignon 1992 was… 99/100, later decreased to 96/100.
Any thoughts? or recent experience with those wines?

I drank a lot of those old Bancroft Merlot’s…always have an eye out for them. 1992 was probably 4 years ago, but was delicious.

I cannot imagine that Cab is dead either, but I would certainly buy the Merlot.

Terrible wines. Give me the number of your source and I’ll find a suitable place to pour them out for you.

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I had a '91 Chabot in 2020 and it was great.

I have had six bottles of the ‘92 Merlot recently (within the last four months). All purchased at auction. (I got them because of great memories of past bottles.)

All were good. One was great. Three were just ok. The other two were in between. I attribute the variance to storage.

In other words I won’t hesitate to buy well stored bottles

Thank’s Gent’s for sharing your opinions, I’ll take them into account.

Both are wonderful wines. I personally like the Bancroft Merlot. I had both of these with Ed Sbragia several years ago(more than 10) at a tasting. I was really taken by the Bancroft.

It seems that better option is to buy 2 Bancroft Merlots than 1 bottle of each. I can not afford to buy more bottles.