Benton's Aged Whole Hickory Smoked Ham

WTF do I do with this?

So, I’ve had it hanging from a rack in it’s original wrap/packaging in my garage for a few months and I’m thinking I should probably get around to eating it.

The note that came with the ham said to take slices and sear them quickly on both sides… which feels like it’s going to take 3 years to eat through at that rate.

Wondering if I should try and slice and use for charcuterie, as well?

Not sure I’m up for letting it soak for a day and a half and then baking… so any other ideas are welcome.

I would use it as seasoning to braised dishes and dried beans. IMHO it’s going to be very salty to just eat.
edited to add if you can shave it very thin you have a shot at enjoyment

Slice it thinly to eat straight. If you can’t eat it before it dries out and gets too salty, debone it and freeze the meat in small pieces to add to soups, braises, etc.

Thin-sliced Benton’s with eggs for breakfast is pretty darn great. I have used Betty’s idea by dividing it up in freezer bags for enjoyment over a year or so.

Really appreciate the coaching; don’t know what I was thinking re: freezing. I use a ton of bacon ends, etc in my cooking and that’s just a no brained.

Collard greens!

I have one in the ham stand right now. We slice it paper thin and place inside buttered biscuits.