Bench Pinot Noir by Brack Mountain Wine Company

I had a glass of the 2012 at Boka in Chicago and was impressed, especially for the price. Nice acidity and fruit on the red side of the spectrum. No spoof. It would make a good weekday house wine.

My only gripe is labeling Carneros and RRV fruit as Sonoma Coast, but I guess that isn’t uncommon, eh?

I know nothing of Brack Mountain Wine Company. Do any of y’all have other experiences or know more about them?

When I was in retail we did a lot with Bench. We didn’t carry any of the other Brack wines. Brack started out as a distributor but when they got out of that they kept the name for future use and now use it as the name for the umbrella company. The latest vintage of all of the wines (Chard, Pinot and Cab) have been about the best they’ve ever made. The Chard wowed me.

You’d be surprised at how big ‘Sonoma Coast’ is and how it’s become such a buzz term.

Thanks, Nolan. I’m glad to learn more about them.

Sadly I am not surprised by the overuse of Sonoma Coast. Just a little annoyed. But seriously, the wine had the verve to pull it off.