Belle Pente offering

Since there are many release threads/discussions I thought I’d share that Belle Pente( one of my favorite Oregon wineries) has their top 3 estate Pinot 2016 release happening and offering case discounts. The top 2 wines scored 95’s from Vinous and nothing below a 93 for those that care. They also have case verticals for sale or mix and match a case at 10% off. I missed a few vintages and was able to back buy everything at very attractive pricing.

One of our favorite wineries and hope to visit one day.


Fred: As someone here would say “I’ve followed them from the very start.” That’s true and I’ve bought the wines fairly regularly. These case offerings are a good deal if you are missing vintages, especially the Murto’s. I’ve been to the winery 3 times and it is an “interesting” place (in a good way). Brian’s a good guy.

Nice to see this. Belle Pente should be on the radar of all Berserkers. I first met Brian through the old West Coast Wine Net and he helped connect me to local grape sources for home winemaking 20 years ago. I even gleaned a bit of Pinot Noir from the Belle Pente vineyard in 2001. I worked harvest at Belle Pente in 2006 after helping in '05 at Evesham Wood. I wanted to learn from the masters and I did, in both cases. Can’t recommend Belle Pente highly enough.

Indeed, Brian is a great guy, and Belle Pente make some fantastic wines. Would love to see them gain bigger following on this board and elsewhere.

100% agreement. Brian and Jill are exceptional and you’re really missing one of the Willamette’s best if you don’t try (and age) some of their wines.


RT knows ! If you don’t have these in the cellar the current release and sale are a great opportunity.


Complete agreement here. We buy a lot from them every year. Great people, great wines, great values across the board.