Belfast N. Ireland Restaurant Recs.

Will be there for 2 nights. Suggestions please-seafood preferred, but not exclusive. Thanks in advance.

Hi Robert
If looking high end, then Ox is definitely fine dining.

However if you manage to make it out to Bangor, then the Boathouse was more impressive food, with a more relaxed vibe. I was very impressed. However I see that the Castel brothers have moved on, so not sure whether the new owners have been able to keep it going as good as it was. My bet would be to follow the Castel’s if they’ve got another place,

Whilst in Belfast, I’ll put in a word for St George’s market, a good covered market with a wide range of stalls, plus sometimes some live music… oh and do make a minor detour to see Nula with the Hula (Beacon of Hope by its official name).