Belcampo meats

We are looking at various grass fed meat sources. We are big fans of flannery (I know, not always completely grass fed but I don’t want to get into that here.). We came across Belcampo from California. While I know they had a great wrote up in the New Yorker a few years back, they seem to have grown quite quickly to include restaurants on both East and west coasts. I have been reading Franklin Steak (a Christmas present inspired by some recommendations here) and have ordered some beef from Alderspring in Idaho, which is touted in the book.

So, a longish but I hope helpful back story for the inquiry. Any pros and cons about Belcampo? Thanks in advance for the candid feedback!

I liked the meat I’ve had from their Santa Monica store.

Don’t know Belcampo. I generally order from Flannery, Snake River Farms, Creekstone, or Fairway Packing. Used to order from DeBragga, Lafrida and a few others…

Belcampo had a local shop that was short lived, probably due to the prices in a commercial space with crazy high rent. The meat was fantastic and they had lots of unique cuts.
Locally I get my 100% grass fed beef and lamb from San Julian Beef
and Fess Parker Ranch which is grass fed and finished with wine and beer making leftovers - -
The SJ is beefy and on the leaner side, and the Fess Parker is some of the most rich and flavorful meat I’ve ever had, to the point of often being so rich I use smaller portions.

I really enjoy Belcampo, they have two shops in LA. THe issue is pricing has been getting higher and higher for them to the point it’s not realistic to buy from them when I can get Flannery for the same price. Also the head butcher left a few years ago to start his own shop and I feel like there’s been a noticeable change in quality of cuts.

I do love their pork though.

There’s a Belcampo in Marin Country. To echo others, the meat is very good but the prices are insanely high.