Beer Trading Feedback

I know we have a Commerce Corner Feedback thread/sub-sub forum, but it seems like it would be beneficial to have this particular thread in here. Maybe this would be better as a sub-sub forum, as in Commerce Corner. I’ll inquire of the mods about this.

I know many of the folks here trade brews with each other, but not all of us know each other, so I thought it might be helpful for us to share experiences in this thread/sub-sub forum. As I think about it, the sub-sub forum is probably the better option, if the mods are so willing.

I’d be into this. I can always use more eyes when trying to get more BCBS!

I would support this as well. Beer trading is so much fun and as an active trader on BA I would love to share the wealth within the Beerserker Community. grouphug



" Hi my name is Bud and I’m a beer trader "



I’m in as well.

I’m down!

Will S. and Rob W. have been very good to me!
Thanks guys!

Great idea.


Are you asking for both a CC and feedback forum?

Just a feedback sub-forum within the B&S sub-forum (a Beer & Spirits sub-sub-forum, if you will). I think this sub-forum (B&S) is sleepy enough that CC posts can be placed within the B&S sub-forum, itself, or in the regular CC.

The proposed Beer and Spirits Feedback sub-sub-forum wouldn’t even appear on the Board Index, just like the Commerce Corner Feedback sub-sub-forum doesn’t appear on the Board Index right now.

Thanks for considering this, Todd.

Maybe it could start out as a permanent stickie thread at the top of the Beer and Spirits forum, and then develop it into its own sub-forum as it warrants expansion. Since this is a predominantly wine board there may not be a bunch of traders outside the usual suspects already here, and may not require that much resource usage. But I have been wrong once or twice in my life…

Yeah, I’m fine with a thread, too; folks just need to understand that the best way to make such a thread useful is the “search this topic” search box/function. If this thread really does gain traction and continues to be used, it may eventually become somewhat cumbersome; this is something we can worry about at a later point in time, however.

Also: it is important that we be mindful of posting each other’s names in a fashion identical to how we post our own names (i.e. with spaces and/or characters substituting for letters, so as to trick the Google indexing and search functions).

I have had positive experience trading beer with B0b H u d @ k. [cheers.gif]

Brian, you are thinking right up my alley. Honestly, since joining this sub forum a little while ago, I have been shocked at the lack of horsetrading. In my mind- beer is MUCH MORE subject to trades and swaps even than wine is. Why? Because so much of beer is found regionally. You can get an awesome brew in one state that is never found in the next state over. Even in the second most backwater alcohol state in the US (behind Utah) I have easy access to highly sought after brews that are less easy to find in other places (such as DogFIsh Head, Ommegang, Troegg and Soutern Tier among others). I’d be happy to trade some away in order to try stuff that never makes it this far east such as that Russian RIver Brewing Company that gets raved about. Just the other day I was looking at different beers from The Bruery (sp) one of those microbrew places that the beer folks love and give huge ratings to. Picked up their Saison Rue.

[thankyou.gif] [thumbs-up.gif]

Good plan, however, wouldn’t each transaction/listing need its own thread? The feedback can be on a sticky, that’s no biggie, but to have the trading threads on one master thread would be messy.


The feedback can be on a sticky, that’s no biggie, but to have the trading threads on one master thread would be messy.

IMO, having the feedback in one master thread is equally messy, but we’re all adults here and can figure out how to work with it. [cheers.gif]

Agreed. Just wasn’t sure if there was going to be enough traffic to support a whole sub-forum, especially if it’s mostly the same group of guys trading among themselves. Also, I won’t be one doing any beer trading (have a few dozen beers already in the store yet to taste I still need to throw money at), so take any recommendations with that grain of salt. If there’s a need for a thriving sub-forum, more Berserker power to us!

Some etiquette suggestions we could add as part of the sticky for first timers:

  1. Determine an agreed on value of the trade. I will always go retail with people on this board, but some may feel strongly that their bottle of Cantillon or Westy is worth secondary market in trade. Come to consensus, if you can’t- don’t trade.

Exchange contact info beyond board PM’s & deliver tracking #'s to each other. Communicate with each other on timing/ expectations.

Extras are nice to throw in, but not everyone does them. I do them if I’ve made multiple trades w/the person or I’ve gotten to know them. The trade terms are agreed on by the two parties, if you throw in extras & your partner doesn’t, they haven’t screwed you.

If a bottle is damaged, or the shipper doesn’t deliver the package, you are on the hook. If you have received the package from your partner, & yours doesn’t get delivered- make it right ASAP w/ your partner.

Finally- don’t send crappy beers. That Pliny you found in the back of your fridge that was there for 3 months is likely not the one your partner is seeking.

For those who have made trades in the past, I know this stuff seems obvious. I do think there are some people on the board who will dive into this who haven’t previously traded, so this is my crack at giving some basics. Please add to it anything I’ve missed.