Beer Review: Session Black Lager

Brewed by: Full Sail Brewing Co.; Hood River, Oregon

Well the black lager kick continues on!! This Session black lager is such a delight! It’s dark, but not black like a Guinness (which I still haven’t acquired the taste for…). Forms a small mocha-colored head when poured; which tapers off a bit too soon for my likes. The aroma of coffee and cooking chocolates fill the nose; neither of which are too heavy as one is drinking the beer. This is a very mellow beer with just the right amount of ‘heaviness’ and can be enjoyed easily throughout the day. Not too sweet and not too ‘hoppy’… just the way I prefer a good black lager.

Definitely one being added to my black lager preferential list!!

wow … weird bottle and label from Full Sail. Is this a second label of theirs? I’ve never heard of the “Session” label.

yeah those bottles are weird… and they are only on Full Sail’s Lager and Black beers. All their other beers follow the traditional bottle style.

here’s the full listing of their beers: Full Sail Beers - Full Sail Brewery