Beer brewed (or refermented) with wine grapes

I’m putting together a tasting of beer brewed with wine grapes. Let me know if you know of any others I can try to track down. So far I have found the following:

Upright Oregon Native (pinot noir)
Upright Going Gris (savignin rose)
deGarde Grande Noir (zinfandel)
Mikeller wineale (riesling)
Almanac White label (muscat and spices)
Dogfish head noble rot (botrytis Viognier)
Bruery Terreux (gewurtz)
Cantillon St Lamvinus

I know LoveBeer out of Italy makes one with Barbera (I’d be willing to trade vino or heady toppers if anyone has a line on this). Also saw that Tired Hands makes a beer with merlot.

Thanks in advance!

Had a Flat Tail (Corvallis) Gewurztraminer sour this past winter that was crazy good.

De Garde may have done a bunch of them. I have Petit Blanc and Petit Blanc Dry Hop Cuvée with late harvest Riesling.

Trillium often does. In particular their dialed-in series.

Cantillon Vigneronne
Cascade The Vine
Captain Lawrence Cuvee de Castleton, Rosso Marone
Firestone walker Feral Vinifera (3 done so far)

just the ones that pop off the top of my head

Wild Beer Squashed Grape.

Casey Family has done a few as well as Side Project.

I think Crux does this. I had a Albariño sour last June that was a top 5 beer ever for me.

The F-W Feral line is indeed awesome!

OEC Vindemia Noir is really fantastic.

Vindemia Noir
Vindemia Noir is a blend of 3 different ales matured (between 1 & 3 years) on our Chambourcin and Cayuga grapes in Gandona Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon and Matthiason Vineyards Merlot barrels.

Dogfish head Midas Touch uses Muscat grapes, fairly readily available as well.

Dogfish just stopped making 61 minute, IPA with Syrah, it was my favorite beer from them. Noble Rot is very good. Try getting up with Mad Fritz to see if they have any of The Fox And The Grapes left. One version used Petite Sirah and another used Petit Verdot.

Thank you! I was able to pick up a few of the above suggestions.

Allagash Victor
Allagash Victoria

The Lovebeer Beerbera is really nice. The one bottle I had of Beerbera Riserva was fantastic.

If you’re able to find a Cantillon St Lamvinus with a few years on it (I know, good luck with that), it might be the star of the tasting.