Because of me, you might not be able to get some! Jean Edwards Cellars

I just heard from Karen that sales have been brisk (from the Donors who got the sneak preview) and that one of the wines is already almost sold out, so if you lose out on it, blame me, I guess. Just too many BerserkerDay deals to post today!!!

Jean Edwards Cellars

2013 Berserkers Day Offer

Thought we would do something different this year for Berserkers Day - instead of offering you a wine pack that we selected - you get to pick the wines you want and apply the special Berserkers Day discount to your order. Here’s the offer…

For 2 days only (1/27/13 - 1/28/13) everyone that orders automatically receives our “friends and family” discount (25% off release prices) on select wines.(Example: our 2008 cabernet sauvignon wines retail for $65/bottle – with your friends and family discount you’ll pay $48.75.)

And, if your order totals 3 or more bottles, you’ll receive an additional $10/bottle discount on all bottles you order (you may mix/match wines).
(Example: order 3+ bottles of cabernet and the per bottle cost is now $38.75).

We have set-up a special ordering page for this offer - to start shopping, use this link:

The user name is: wine (all lower case)
The password is: 2013

Some wines are very low inventory so please consider ordering early for best selections. Remember this double savings offer ends at midnight on Monday, 1/28/13. We will gladly hold your wines until weather permits us to ship.

Thanks in advance for ordering - any questions please contact us at

Cheers - Karen and John

Already went in on this one. Awesome offer.

You can blame me too… bought one of each of the cabs & three of the syrahs as soon as the donor preview was posted. These are extremely generous discounts, thanks Karen!

Got in on this early as well!

I got in on this early as well! Excellent offer and terrific wines!

All over this one! Looking forward to adding this case to the cellar for enjoying now (Syrah) and down the road (Cabs).

Thanks Karen!

I’m in! For a 4-pack (one of each). Can’t wait to try these!

In on this one as well. Have heard good things about Jean Edwards, but have not had an opportunity to try them yet. Great deal and shipping costs looked very reasonable.

If you like these, look for the 2009’s when they come out.

Thank you so much for ordering. I will try to get order confirmations out later today. Here’s an update on what’s available:

  • less than 1 case remaining on 07 Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet
  • less than 2 cases remaining on 05 Las Madres Vineyard Syrah
  • Some inventory still available on both the 08 Stagecoach Cab and 08 74-41 Howell Mtn Cabernet

Cheers - Karen [cheers.gif]

Glad I was in for the cabs yesterday!

Superb - I’m in. Thanks!

Just a few bottles left - we are just about sold out of 07 Stagecoach Cab (if you order and it is sold out I’ll contact you regarding options). 05 Las Madres has about a case left. We still have 08’s remaining (Stagecoach Vineyard and Howell Mtn.).

I have no comment on who to blame but… I do flirtysmile this wine!

Thank you, Karen for the quick response! Can’t wait to get these wines!

You’re welcome!!!

FYI - we are sold out of 07 Stagecoach Cabernet. Other wines in the offer are still available.

A number of you have inquired - planning on sending out order confirmations on Monday.

in for a NYP 6-pack (2 each of the Cabs). Thanks Karen & John…and Berserker Day!

In as well, looking forward to them!

Missed the '07s, but happy to grab some '08s at those prices. Really nice offer. Thanks, Karen.