BD10 SPONSOR FEATURE : Loring Wine Company

Hi. My name is Brian. My sister, Kimberly, and I make wine. We call our winery Loring Wine Company because that’s our last name. Not the full thing, just Loring. Sorry if that was confusing. blush

After the untimely crash of the Llama Farming Industry in the mid 90s, I decided to place my remaining nest egg in a much safer investment – a winery. I chose to make Pinot Noir since that was pretty much all I liked to drink – except for Champagne. The smartest thing I did was to brazenly copy everything that Adam and Dianna Lee did at Siduri. After all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? [worship.gif]

After a few years, I convinced my sister to join in the fun. We both kept our day jobs while the winery grew. Mine was writing military software, mostly for the Navy. Torpedoes, Missiles, and Pinot – oh my! I like to think that I was keeping the world safe for Pinot Noir. After securing incriminating photos of some of the top reviewers in the country, our winery rocketed to fame. So much so that we were able to quite our day jobs and go full time wine in 2006. Today, I live the life the “gentleman winemaker”… while Kimberly does all the work. [cheers.gif]

Our wines are known for being a bit bigger and bolder than average. Why? because we make wine in California, not Burgundy. Duh! [berserker.gif] We are seriously committed to the concept of terroir, and we hope that our wines are quintessential examples of expressing a unique site through the magic of wine. blahblah But we also believe that a wine’s primary job is to f’ing taste good. So we hope that each bottle is like a welcome hug at the end of a long day. grouphug

We view Berserker Day as an opportunity to offer something unique to a group of folks who have helped shape how and why we do what we do. So this year we’re offering like a MILLION different things. Fun things. Tasty things. New things - including things people have asked for (YES, I do pay attention to what people post). And all at AMAZING DISCOUNTS.
[drinkers.gif] champagne.gif [thankyou.gif]

By the way, folks, for the FEW of you who don’t know Loring Wine Company, their deals on BerserkerDay are always ridiculously good. Amazing family, amazing company.

Also note that Brian is one of 5 Participants who gets to boast the 10-year Badge!!!

In 2011, Loring had a half off special. Hint hint.

Brian and Kimberly truly are two of the nicest folks in the wine industry as a whole! They certainly are OG around here, and I for one am grateful for their lead, especially Brian’s, in being an active member of this community! Again, purchase with confidence - and viva la screw cap!!!


I’ve been drinking Loring wine more than any other wine for the last 5 years. I can’t recommend it enough. QPR for the blends (you pre-order in spring for Nov delivery) is the best you’ll find in Pinot. Also these two offer A+ customer service. Can’t wait to see this years deals.

Thanks for the kind words!!!

This thread has inspired me to pop one of Brian’s wines tonight.

As with Sandler, I came to Brian’s wines late but am glad I have. Two of the most talented guys I have ever met although Brian is a wee-bit funnier…

Yeah, I took that cue as well. Good juice, always a crowd pleaser. I think my first was an '06 and have enjoyed every vintage since.

On the list for BD10.

Great wine, great people, amazing deal

How well do these wines age and when’s the preferred time to drink them? Is it a “can drink now” wine?

You can drink them right away - but they do hold and age well for 10-12 years. I prefer them young because I like bright fruit. But if secondary flavors are your thing - let ‘em rest.