Baron Wines USA

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! Has anyone purchased from Baron Wines USA located in DC? If so, what was your experience? Did they actually physically deliver the order you placed and were the wines authentic?

Have a wonderful day!

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I’ve only used them once for some 20 year old high end bdx. Good customer service, everything arrived in a timely manner and the one bottle I popped was good.

I’d assume the wines were genuine (who’d go to the trouble to fake what I bought?), but I’m certainly no expert.

I’d definitely buy from them again. Just fyi they are online only and you can’t pick up from their DC address. Think wines were shipped from Connecticut in practice but that was also where they said the cellar was from.


They are great, it’s the US office of a UK wine merchant, so most of the wines come from there.

I’ve had great experience, they usually send you pictures of the bottles if they have multiple, so you can choose. I would have no concerns about provenance whatsoever.

Their prices have crept up significantly, though, so I rarely buy from them…

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Another very positive experience, even had some wines hand delivered to my house during COVID

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Excellent seller!

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they seem like they have a great selection but are limited on where they can deliver.

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First class all the way. They run a great ship.

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Likewise had a good retail experience. Yes limited offering. Good communication.

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Thank you all for your feedback. I placed an order with Baron which should be delivered this week, I’ll report back on how everything went!