Barolo - 2023 Vintage

Probably the best and most comprehensive (data based with meaningful context) vintage report year in and year out is available and for free until 22 Nov (yes, hurry hurry) and linked below:

Alessandro Masnaghetti

The report starts with the following statement:

"A strange year, I don’t know what else to call it.

Perhaps unique of its kind, as unique as 2022 had already been, but in a different way. A vintage made of contrasts and contradictions, of new situations that required readiness of spirit as in 2022 and a great sensitivity, thus making the human factor once again the protagonist."


Yea I’m stocking up on 19-21 and will ignore 22 and 23 (like i did with 17 and 18).


It will be interesting to see what the vintage brings but found it very interesting that the cooler, usually less prestigious MGAs had an easier time and might turn out to be good (in true Alessandro pragmaticism - nothing is clear yet and surprises is a possibility, especially among the hard working winemaker/farmers).

It’s indeed not a vintage to buy blind but Nebbiolo and Barolo wines have a way of bringing surprises over time