Bardolino & Custoza Wines: Recommendations? Guidance?

I was reminded in a recent thread that some of my first ventures into red wine territory were the light, fresh, simple Bardolino and Valpolicella wines.

Coincidentally, Wine Speculator has a brief blog column addressing Matilde Poggi’s La Franghe Bardolino.

I found a profile of Ms Poggi on Hawk Waka Wine: Portraits of Bardolino 2: Matilde Poggi, Le Fraghe | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

I am not a very experienced taster of Northeastern Italian wines - red or white. Most of my fascination with the region (the entire peninsula, for that matter) faded around 2006. I still remember my deep love for the '97 and '00 Tuscan reds, the occasionally delicious Pinot Nero from the shadows of the Alps, the varied styles of Barbera, and the first Nero d’Avola I savored.

Today, when I read mention of Italian wine, I am transported to my initial delight in food and wine pairing miracles.

I just read of another Italian white wine, Custoza, made from blends dominated by the Garganega grape, found in the surroundings of Lake Garda.

Does anyone have any personal experience with higher quality Bardolino and Custoza?

Any anecdotes, trivia, tasting notes are appreciated!!!