Bang, with Pinot Gris!

This TN was originally posted on the UK forum after a much earlier discussion on food/wine match-up.
This time I purchased a frozen Brome duck for $20, looked a better bird than the $10 Costco migratory vagrant! Seasoned with 5 spice and when nearly cooked rubbed with a honey garlic sauce that I normally use for dry ribs. It all worked very well, big portions and quite tasty with rice, hearts of palm salad and baked parsnips.

TN: `04 Pfaffenheim Pinot Gris Steinert, Alsace.

14% alc, $26 Cdn, good soaked cork, opened an hour, no crystals noted. Co-operative and this grand cru known for their very good PG.

Color. Medium gold, looks attractive.

Nose. Spice, peach, apricot, ripe, “sweetened lime cordial” from across the table. There is some kinda herb here along with aroma of baked apple with brown sugar. Very appealing and still good on day 2.

Palate. Initial entry thoughts were sweet, ripe stone-fruit, honeyed. “Quite expressive and succelent”. The acid structure balanced with the sweetness and it all tended to overpower the food. Maybe an off-dry might have worked better? Both of us thought more of a dessert wine but very enjoyable nonetheless.
On day 2, one glass left. Still very tasty and showed an almost gewurz-like character on the long finish.