Bacon Explosion! (w/pics)

We’ve all seen it by now, but I’m making one tomorrow. I have everything I need, and since I’m already smoking ribs I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I will attempt to take pictures as I go.

The Bacon Explosion

Sauteed onions make a nice addition to the interior of the thing.



I was going to add jalapenos and cheese to the middle, but that’s not a bad idea.

Kent, you’ve got to post pics of this beast while you’re making it and once it’s done.

I think leaving out a layer of pure Lardo di Colonnata would be a big mistake…

Some pics of the prep work. These were taken pretty quick, so the quality is sketchy:

The bacon weave!

Sausage layer:

More bacon and drizzle of homemade BBQ sauce:

A few sliced jalapenos and shredded jack cheese for the interior:

The final product ready for the smoker!

It’s not on the smoker yet, as it will only take a couple of hours to cook. It’s covered in more rub and sitting in plastic wrap for now, but will probably put it on around 4pm. I plan to finish the outside with a raspberry chipotle glaze.

Is your cardiologist on call?

God Bless America! [thumbs-up.gif]


That’s the bacon explosion’s scientific name…

Each element looks appealing, but like the Lady Burger, the sum of the parts makes my skin crawl. Still, I can’t avert my eyes!

Don’t forget to take a picture of the cross-section once you slice it up.

Did Kent disappear? Or is he at the hospital getting a Lipitor IV?

So…it’s like this. I smoked it for about 2.5 hours and then put a nice glaze on it with a raspberry chipotle sauce. I brought it in to a hushed crowd of people in the kitchen and made 1/2 inch slices. It was really beautiful…peppers in every slice and cheese oozing from the middle. I grabbed a little taste off one of the ends and went to grab my camera, which was on the charging station in my office. I got back…and it was gone. Well, all of it except for one slice left which I promptly grabbed before anyone else could even think about it. I wish I had been better prepared for pictures, but I was cooking a lot of food (including 6 racks of ribs) and was a little preoccupied.

It ended up almost exactly like the version in the original link. It was a HUGE hit with the crowd in the kitchen, and we had a hard time coming up with a way to improve upon it, although I’m sure it’s out there. As over-the-top in pork fat as it seems, I can’t see having more than a couple of slices and certainly wouldn’t make it unless I had a crowd. The prep was simple, and the only tricky part was rolling up the sausage layer without it breaking apart.

The novelty factor aside, the flavor was great and I’ll definitely make one again the next time I have the smoker cranked up!