B-21 Deal: Jean et Sebastian Sechet 2014

$9.88/btl In-Store Purchase Only.

Dauvissat. Over 5 cases. Crazy deal.

stupid long shot but if anyone local is down for shipping a case, pm or email me. thanks!

If they still have it this weekend I might be able to help you out.

I can’t get there till Friday or Saturday so we’ll see how long it lasts.

According to people I know this may be the vintage of the century!

Thats been posted online for about a month now. I would suspect some faults for that closeout pricing.

If I was local to B21, you’d start seeing those for sale in Commerce Corner at 3x that price [wink.gif]

wow - thank you! I’ll email you.

Yeah, I was wondering about that…although you never know. Still, it’s not the great Dauvissat (R&V), nor even the really good one (Jean et Fils), and while I haven’t had them in them in a few years, the J&S wines used to be pretty mediocre. Maybe they’ve changed recently?

I’ve had this bottling sometime in early 2020 pre-covid and it was really really good… If these bottles are sound which I doubt then it will be an amazing pickup.

You could do a lot worse at $9.88/bottle. I’d take a flyer on these if I could.

Sold out at 2:12 pm, 2-10-21.

FWIW, this wine is not worth more than $10/bottle. Somewhat oxidized, disjointed and not what this vineyard can give in a good vintage.
If you missed getting this, don’t kick yourself.
If you got it, serve it real cold, maybe even with ice cubes.
Although, after an hour of air it’s turned into solid Chardonnay - I don’t know if it will ever be good Chablis.
Best, Jim

I feel better missing this.

Sounds typical of what I have tasted from this producer.

Thanks for the review Jim. certainly explains the price. I was surprised given the vintage.

I was in France when they were serving the 2014 vintage in the Wine bars and restaurants by the glass in the rain and they were all fabulous.

I’ve had good luck with 2014’s too but this producer is not good even in successful vintages.
This will be the last money I give them.
Best, jim

I got some of these - they taste heat damaged - I have opened two and there’s both some dried liquid stained below the capsule.

I’ve not seen any visual evidence of heat damage but the wine seems baked.

I’m hoping this isn’t a general indicator of how most of B-21’s stock is kept? I’m awaiting a decent sized shipment from them…