AXR Winery-Consulting Winemaker Jean Hoefliger

We are AXR Napa Valley,

If only these vines could talk, they would tell you stories of the old Napa Valley. The history of our estate is compounded in layers; rooted in historic tales of fierce Native American hunting grounds, and the first woman vintner of California. It has changed hands over the course of the years to become a brewery, restaurant, inn, winery and saloon. Tales of love, lust, murders and great fortune create an imaginative backdrop to our present-day vision of AXR.

http://www.axrwinery.comAXR is a winery that pays homage to its history and blazes the trail of excitement and innovation in Napa Valley as the pioneers before us did. We want to be reminded every day to live fully and to leave a lasting impression on our layer of history. Named after the AxR rootstock (Aramond x Rupestris) that was so prominent in building the modern California wine industry,

Our Consulting Winemaker Jean Hoefliger, an artisan (& berserker) inherently driven to push the envelope, continually challenging the cognizance of, not only winemaking, but life in general. With an insatiable appetite for philosophy and a good discussion, Jean thrives when his creativity and passion is left unbound by conventional thinking. Whether in the vineyard, at the winery, home, or around the table with friends - old and new - Jean brings these pursuits alive with playful banter and endearing jokes. In his winemaking, the essence of these experiences are brought to life through a particular craft of winemaking: fundamentally balanced by his experiences in Bordeaux, now left unbridled on the frontier of Napa Valley, California, making AXR a delectable intersection between the past and the future.

For this special Berserker day offering you have a chance to be a honorary cellar club member for a day, receiving a 20% discount! You will want to get your hands on this inaugural vintage with a special 2-pack pricing for our 2013 Napa Valley Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon for $96.00!

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Additionally, with the purchase of 6 bottles or more receive a Complimentary Tasting for 4 people at our property in St. Helena!

The AXR dream was realized when Four friends were sitting around a table, doing what you do with a glass of Napa Cabernet in your hand… sharing, dreaming, laughing, and occasionally slurping! The table was set with a bountiful California meal, in a room filled with an intense passion for wine and a good story: this is where AXR Winery was born. By utilizing modern and innovative techniques in the cellar, we extract the uniqueness of Napa Valley’s soils into wines enjoyable now, or many years from now.

We can’t wait to share our story with you for years to come!



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