Average Time to Decant

How long is the Average Time to Decant a Red Wine for it to open nicely. I’m assuming every wine is different

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You assume correctly. There are no absolute rules. A general guideline would be the older the wine, the less decanting is necessary. Pedigree matters too: I would decant say a first growth bordeaux more than a cru bourgeois. It’s an educated guess most of the time. Also keep on mind that for very young reds a decant could actually be counterproductive. For example right now i would have a lot of CA 2019 cabs on pop n pour — or leave them in the cellar for quite a while. A lot of 2018 bordeaux second wines were deliciously primary about a year ago; many have started to shut down. Among the many virtues of this board is the ability to ask about a particular wine in a particular vintage and you will get direct knowledgeable experience of the best decanting experience for that exact wine.


Thank you John. This board is great. I just joined and everyone has been very helpful.

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