Austrian wineries to visit?

How difficult is it to arrange a visit to Austrian wineries? My company has a major office in Linz that I’ll probably end-up visiting once or twice a year. It looks like I might only be an hour or two from Kamptal, Kremstal, Wachau, etc, so I’m thinking it might not be too difficult to visit the region.

Are there any particular wineries that are accessible and receptive to English-speaking visitors?

They all are. That’s the good news. They like to have you make appointments, which you can easily do by email. Really, this is simple and straightforward, so go and have fun.

It’s that easy? Cool!

Love visiting Hirzberger. The whole family is friendly and receptive, and their wines are superlative. FX Pichler is harder, mainly because they get so many visitors; same with Knoll who was always sold out of wine when I visited. The Kamptal is a bit further away, but Brundlmayer was always a nice visit. It’s bigger than most of the Wachau estates so a non-family employee will probably show you around.
If you stay and eat at Landhaus Bacher (great restaurant and best wine list in the area) they may be able to help out with appointments as well.