Australian Jayer Auction

Langtons in Australia are conducting an auction that includes a 12 bottle case of Henri Jayer 1985 Cros Parantoux 1er Vosne-Romanee in seemingly great condition.

I won’t leave a link and I have nothing to do with the sale of the wine. I just understand that many of you may find that interesting. If this post is deemed inappropriate I am happy to remove it, or can be moderated.

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I cannot say anything specific … but Jayer is one of the producers often counterfeit … which is easier than DRC btw

These bottles look almost perfect …
sure it’s possible they have been stored in the original case (was it wood or carton?) for 35 years without extensive humidity … however in my experience manually filled, labelled, packed bottles from small producers usually have a tiny nic here or there and minor imperfections over 12 bottles …
These 12 look as produced for an auction in 2022 with utmost care …
(but what do I know …)


Australia seems awfully close to Indonesia…just saying.



I don’t know, I see quite a few imperfections. I do see surprisingly consistent color on the main labels for bottles of this age, but I have no idea if that means anything. Of course, a lot like this should always raise concerns. I hope whoever pays 6 figures for the lot has it authenticated by someone good. I wonder how much of this wine really still exists.