August West offer

Got an email from August West today with an offer for their 2008 Pinots. Having never had an August West, what are peoples’ impressions of their wines? Who is buying in on this offer?

I was going to passs, but with an offer of an SLH appellation wine for $30 and free ground shipping,
I sprang for a few bottles. Graham and Rosella’s Pinot prices dropped from $50 to $42 each.

First off disclaimer: Ed K and I are friends and I occasionally help at the winery - bottling or harvest related stuff.

I have tasted all the August West 08’s - probably a couple times now and think they are every bit as good as the 07’s from August West.

The style is well balanced with nice fruit, nice acidity and a plushness without ever being heavy. I think they are a great expression of CA Pinot.

Damn, another list I may have to buy in on. I added Rhys and Carlisle last year, and made my first Tercero order just last week. I’m going to have to drop something to make room in the budget. It’s amazing, though, the number of producers making great wine for under $50, in some cases around the $30 point.

Bought in for a couple each. I have liked what Ed has been doing and decided to bite one more time.

There is a lot of wine to target but Ed gets it, in pricing and in style. I can’t take a lot of wine but I am going to buy into all 3.