Audrey Frick joined Jeb Dunnuck


Audrey is awesome. Wish her nothing but the best. Will be interesting to see her takes on Oregon and Champagne

Old news; she joined in December 2020.

(Boulder, CO – May 10, 2022) — Noted wine critic Jeb Dunnuck, owner of, announced today that he will expand coverage from the current offerings to now include Oregon and Champagne as well as shift coverage for Sonoma to Audrey Frick.

Audrey Frick, who > joined in 2020> , will now be responsible for the Sonoma report formerly covered by Jeb Dunnuck. Frick will also be > responsible for new reports > covering the regions of Oregon and Champagne. In addition to her current coverage of Piedmont and Brunello, which will resume in January of 2023, she will also undertake special reports from other Italian regions and producer highlights from Italy.

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You can just change the title to your post Yaacov. The news was just about Audrey expanding her responsibilities with Jeb Dunnuck. Still relevant in my view. As I said, I’m excited to see how Audrey covers Oregon and Champagne.

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updated. again, sorry for the confusion.

Such exciting news. Audrey’s awesome.


Never heard of her. I hope she lives up to everyone’s expectations.

Congratulations to both Audrey and Jeb. I’ve met Audrey only briefly, but formed an excellent impression. For the few wines I’ve tasted that she has reviewed (Piedmont), I found both her notes and her scores to be professional and accurate.

There are a lot of dilettantes writing about wine. Audrey is emphatically not one of them.

Dan Kravitz

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I wonder if the reviews come up as Dunnuck similar to WA would be used in the past instead of the wine reviewer.