AUCTIONS: 1/27/21 LIVE NOW!!!!!!!


Auctions will be available for a 15 minute, view-only preview to GCC members at 11:15 am PST, closing at 11:30 am PST, then launching for bids at 2PM Pacific

Because we don’t charge our participants to be in BerserkerDay, Auctions are the best way to keep the deals as good as they can possibly be for all of you, so please support the auctions…and this year the auctions are AMAZING! A BUNCH of ‘experiences’, and quite a few large and very large format bottles.

Really exciting stuff

There’s a theme to the auctions this year, accidently, but it’s

3 Liter - Go Big or Go Home

If you every wanted a large format, especially something rare that can’t be purchased, then this is your chance. There are at least three 3L bottles in the auction that come straight from the winemaker’s private cellar. Nobody else on the planet has these bottles.

Waiting for what, exactly? You understand the concept of time zones, surely, since you are a BerserkerDay rockstar…


Of course, just driving up the sense of anticipation…

Well, if that’s your goal…I expect to see you bid on EVERY SINGLE AUCTION!

You mean like 2 years ago?? [snort.gif] Think I won 5, and it would have been worse if not for the West Coast sniper, Paul H

I’m not seeing the auctions?? Am I missing something?

Time zone thing

there will be a sneak preview and then Todd hiddens them until all the offers have time to soak.

probably about 2pmPT they’ll be available and then the auctions close at 8PM PT

yeah, thread title says noon, but that’s too soon! Want people to have time with the offers.

Preview will be for GCC members ONLY, 11:15-11:30 am PACIFIC (some people have an issue figuring out time zones), auctions open at 2

we are just too excited!


Todd should start Berserker Day with this clip!


You have 15 minutes, read-only. No exceptions!

Umm, go where? Am I missing the link to something? Help a brother out

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oy where is it?

click the link in Todd’s last post