AUCTION: TWO!!! Double Magnum (3L) Sandler Pinot Noir - You choose the vineyard/vinatge What!!!

Donor: Ed Kurtzman
Value: $1 Million Dollars
MinBidIncr: $10
Shipping Included: Free
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

The nicest winemaker is the world has a tremendous offer. He’ll sent you a 3L bottle of his Pinot Noir from the vineyard/vintage of your choice. You can pick from ANY wine in the BerserkerDay11 offer, there are too many options to list but they are all here

Ed has lost his mind, he’s gone Berserk!!! if the second place finisher wishes, Ed will sell them a 3L for the same price as the winner!!! Crazy I tell you.

Everyone should have at least one 3 liter bottle in the cellar in case of an emergency. [wow.gif]

I’m going for the deal of the century! $1,000,000 - $999,900 = $100!



60 champagne.gif







1959 Romanee-Conti ?

Or is there a limit to “nicest winemaker in the world”?


I heard Alexandre Bernier is a nice guy… newhere

Whatever is under Ed’s control!





I’m honored by the bidding war going on, thank you! If the 2nd place bidder is willing to pay the price of the winning bidder, I’ll send each of you a '59 La Tache! I mean, a 3 liter Sandler of your choice.


Very nice, runner up has the option to get a 3L.

If you’ve never walked into a party with a 3L and said “Anyone have a corkscrew to open this bottle?” [berserker.gif]

It’s priceless!!! let’s go people!

F***ing Bravo sir!