AUCTION: Two 1.5L Magnum of Bohème 2010 Stuller Vineyard Pinot Noir

Donor: Kurt B e i t l e r of Boheme
Value: $165
MinBidIncr: $10
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

Update: The two highest bidders each win a magnum

Two winners for a 1.5L Magnum of Bohème 2010 Stuller Vineyard Pinot Noir (Kurt has done all the hard work and put some age on this already, a beautiful 2010)

In 2010 we harvested the vineyard in stages between October 16th and 27th, with a yield of 0.99 tons per acre. Each lot received tailored cold-soak and hand punch-down treatment, then aged two years in neutral French Oak barrels.

Maker’s Notes:
A mineral-rich and savory coastal Pinot noir abounding with earth, botanicals, dark fruits, brilliant blueberry and raspberry with backdrop of black tea and hint of fruit wood smoke.










Winner #1

Cool out now, boys!!
I’ve got one for each of ya.

How bout we make the offer 1 each to the two highest bidders.

Done, updated the offer

160 then!

Winner #2

Is this for one, or two of the mags??

Two winners, mag each. Joseph and Dave. Thanks for catching it.

It was a long day… Updated and Todd notified.

No worries Brig -paid up and looking forward to it

Thanks to you, Todd, and everyone else who contributed to a great BD - my Visa card has melted!!

This arrived today, and man, it is a gorgeous bottle!!

I am going to try and hang onto this until Thanksgiving dinner, but I make no promises!! [cheers.gif]