AUCTION: Tercero - 12 person Private Zoom Tasting with wine sent to everyone!

Donor: Larry Schaffer @
Value: $1000
MinBidIncr: $10
Shipping Included: Free, to everyone participating!!! Cool
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

A private zoom tasting for you and up to 11 other of your ‘friends’ - well, a private ‘virtual’ tasting, that is! And owner/winemaker Larry Schaffer will lead the 60-90 minute tasting personally and will get as geeky as you’d like. What a great way to share a tasting with family and friends from around the country!

Larry will put together a flight of 5 wines, packaged into 4 oz bottles for each shipment, and have them shipped to the 12 people provided by you. You can customize this flight to your specific needs - or allow Larry to customize it for you.








Not bidding
This is among the coolest items ever offered. Wish I had time to line up enough folks/funds. I love Larry’s wines and he’s a great guy to chat with.

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Thanks all! I thought it would be a fun and customizable way to help out the board - and give folks a really fun experience!!!

Reach out if you have any questions - just finished a zoom tasting and all of us had a blast!