AUCTION: Santa Barbara County Berskerker Tasting & BBQ July 12. Bidding ends at 9 pm East Time Tues

Berserkers Tasting and BBQ Santa Barbara County, July 12.

*100% of the proceeds will go to the Wineberserkers wine board for website maintenance costs/expenses.

Santa Barbara County wine tasting day for 12 people on Saturday July 12, led by Peter Cargasacchi, with Saturday evening BBQ and a Friday evening, July 11 no host Buellton Hitching Post offline.

An additional 12 spots will be available to join the Saturday evening BBQ only (below) and depending on numbers, the possibility to join the Friday evening offline at the Buellton Hitching Post.

Logistics. People will provide their own accommodations and transportation to and for the event. You will have to drive or have cars and drivers. We can accommodate 4 designated drivers, so it could be a total of 16 people.

  1. Berserkers in Santa Barbara County tastings for a group of total group of 12 people are offered in increments. A group of four, two pairs, and four singles.

A.“Louis XVI” For 4 people, bidding starts at $200

B. “Provence.” For 2 people, bidding starts at $100

“Champagne.” For 2 people, bidding starts at $100

C. 4 singles, 1 person each, bidding starts at $50 each. The four single tickets will be bid under the names:

“Triomphe “


I.E. Louis XVI, Provence, Champagne, Bastille, Triomphe, Lafayette, Napoleon. You can bid on any or all. Please bid carefully.

  1. Saturday evening BBQ only. We can accommodate an additional 12 people at the evening BBQ only, for a donation of $100 to Wineberserkers and one bottle of your finest swill, to be brought for consumption at the BBQ. The first 12 people that sign up for the $100 contribution will be accepted. Any backups will be duly noted in case we can accommodate more people. Simply designate “Saturday Evening BBQ $100” or a similarly recognizable phrase. $100 reserves your spot. No bidding on this lot. This is perfect for those who want to come and wine taste on Saturday and Sunday on their own. You will also receive a complimentary tasting at the Cargasacchi and Loring Tasting room In Buellton, CA during normal tasting room hours on Saturday or Sunday and a complimentary bottle of a proprietary red wine containing the words, “womb” and “penetrated” on the back label.

For those arriving on Friday July 11, we will start with a no host dinner/offline at the Hitching Post in Buellton starting at approximately 8 pm.

On Saturday July 12, 2014 Peter Cargasacchi will lead the group on a wine tasting in Santa Barbara County from approximately 10 am to 4 pm. There is a wine bloggers convention going on in Buellton, however these folks will be in regimented seminars from 9:30 am until 7 pm on Saturday, July 12 at the Buellton Marriot.

We will meet and begin at in Lompoc at 10 am on Saturday morning. There are a large number of hotels including an Embassy Suites in Lompoc due to NASA and the DOD’s extensive Space program at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Lompoc is also the western edge of the Sta. Rita Hills and Santa Barbara wine country.

Saturday will conclude with a 7 pm evening BBQ at a venue to be designated at a later date depending on numbers.

Bidding ends at 9 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, January 28. Depending on circumstances, there is a possibility that the Hitching Post cannot accommodate us and the offline venue may change. Perhaps to the original, Casmalia Hitching Post? Any disputes will be resolved by Todd French.

I’m so confused.

Have your mom read it to you, s l o w l y.

I can’t find one

Have Morgan read it to you?

Jeez, this IS confusing…so there’s no nomenclature for any group above 4 people? Perhaps Marieclaire?

July 12th is a full moon… just say’n

How about Jerrybohem?

Basically there’s 12 spots for Wine tasting and BBQ dinner Sat, and an offline Friday - not sure what’s at the offline.
Those are offered in spots of 4, 2, 2, 4x1. you can bid on 4 and 2 if you have 6.

In addition, there’s 12 spots for BBQ only - $100 bucks each. just say u’re in. and done. no bidding.
sign up…

did i get that right?
the only thing harder to read then this offer is the Liquid Farm offer… :wink:

12 people total for the tasting tour. 4 + (2 + 2) + (1 + 1 + 1 + 1)
Other than the Louis XVI, the names make it easier to distinguish and keep track of the smaller numeric increments because there are multiples, there are more than one of each.
Only one group of four people. “Louis XVI” For 4 people, bidding starts at $200

Two groups of two people.

Two people “Provence.” For 2 people, bidding starts at $100
Two people. “Champagne.” For 2 people, bidding starts at $100

4 individuals.
1 person each, bidding starts at $50 each.

“Triomphe “

Peter, you need a local photographer to come along and…document the event, don’t you?

I “bought the Farm” earlier so I guess this is a no-brainer: $200 on Louis XVI and hope I don’t get the guillotine.

Provence for 100

I took someone else’s spot last time we did this, and we had a GREAT time, particularly when Glenn Levine, the gentle giant, was giggling like a school girl on our tour of Fiddlestix Vineyard, pointing to Sea Smoke every 5 seconds.

If its not clear, 100% of the proceeds from this lot will go to to support the maintenance and operations of this wine board.

Where do the proceeds from this go? [scratch.gif]

100%!!! champagne.gif flirtysmile

in for Bastille @ 50

Mark Ye…I am going to put something “special” in your shipment for that little comment sir :wink:

This BBQ sounds bomber! Tales from Peter and awesome Pinot’s to pair? Down home hospitality? Penguin Burgers? …I may have to happen to be at the winery that day to attempt a BBQ crash…

Hells, yes, would love to have you and Jeff.

I’m also gonna try and get the gin twins to be creative for us at cocktail hour.

Hopefully Brian Loring also, but I’m out of contact. Apparently he is on some kind of a exotic meats hunting expedition in China. He sent me a few cool photos, I’ll try to upload one.