Auction Preview has ended - save your money for noon PST!

We’re going to make the auctions viewable (to absolutely blow your mind, really) for just 15 minutes, between 9:01 (ish) and 9:16 am (ish), and you’ll see it as a subforum atop this forum. We’ll lock it back down thereafter, and you’ll be able to access it in full starting at NOON Pacific


$.32 for a print out of this Post


Auctions are LIVE for viewing!!!

What a pile of BS! I waited to see it and you are late. Now I have to go out and worry about getting spiked by some west coast newbie who just woke up.

Not authorized?

Try again - be sure to click ‘refresh’

Auction preview has ended!! Flash! Boom! Bam!!

Screen shot anyone :wink:

Was busy ordering wine and missed it!

They’ll be visible after noon PT until close at 8pm for real live bidding.

Get back to purchasing! :wink:

Some very tempting items in the Auction!

We only ask that you don’t use your wine budget for auction items.

Use the kids college fund or charitable donation bucket. Spread it around.

I’ll do my best neener

kidding… I missed the preview [swearing.gif]

15 minutes just didn’t do it for me. On board this ship, I keep getting timed out of WB because of the narrow bandwidth available and a lot of passengers fighting for it. Maybe I will get lucky anyway.

It’s a sneak preview on purpose, and we notified everybody on various FAQ threads as well as via PM today [cheers.gif]