AUCTION: Norlin - Our newest and most fabulous luxury wine bag yet!

Donor: Tom Reddick @ Norlin
Value: $450
MinBidIncr: $10
Shipping Included: Free shipping in the US
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

This is the new version of the Max Wine Bag. It holds two bottles and is manufactured in the United States in partnership with chill-n-go®. The bag comes with an adjustable leather shoulder strap, holds two bottles, and is fully insulated with linings and a removable freezer pack representing the latest and greatest chill-n-go® technology.

This bag is made with black goat that has been stamped to create a spike pattern. Note that the spike effect has been pressed down in the upper two rows of the top of the bag to give it a more finished look and make handling a bit easier. I privately refer to this as the Game of Thrones edition, but interestingly enough the very first customer we had for this one was a lady who is using it as a tote for general use.

Evidently some of the major French design houses have been very into spikes and leather in recent times, so this is a very trendy look. And it is perfect for keeping a couple of bottles of wine nice and cold too. Retail value on this is $450. Comes with a cotton dust bag.
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Oh come on, buddy…I can see you rolling in with this sick bag, you can do better than that!!






Because this bid was after the prior, but within seconds, I’ve confirmed with the bidder that she will go up to $230 as per the required incremental change, so Lauhill is the winner