AUCTION: Liquid Farm Magnum of Library 2013 FOUR Chardonnay

Donor: Liquid Farm - Jeff and Nikki
Value: $160
MinBidIncr: $10
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

One magnum (1.5L) of Liquid Farm FOUR Chardonnay from Jeff and Nikki’s personal library. See the reviews from fellow WB and CT users here, high praise for this wine.





Thanks guys for the great bids thus far!! This wine is drinking SO well! I know you’ll love it.champagne.gif

$105, This would go with my 2011 -2013 mini vertical of 750 ml. Everyone else can stop bidding now. :slight_smile:


I meant 115. Increments of 10…




The Seattle tasting group I am a member is hoping the bidding stops right now, I am sure.


Minimum bid increase is $10? [shock.gif]

155 sorry.

[bid deleted by order of Brig Campbell - was placed at 8:00!]