AUCTION: Keller Estate 2 Night Stay in the Cottage at the estate - Sweet!

Donor: Ana Keller @ Keller Estate
Value: $750
MinBidIncr: $10
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

The cottage comfortably sleeps 2 couples. 2 separate bedrooms and plenty of rest and relaxation space!

You won’t find the Cottage at Keller on Airbnb, this quaint little cottage located on their magnificent property in the gap is just outside Petaluma. As a special guest of Ana, you and a guest will be treated like family for two nights as you explore Keller and the surrounding wine country. The proud winner can work directly with Ana for dates that make sense for everyone.

Are you kidding me? That’s not a cottage, it’s nicer than my house…
Warm and cozy snuggled up around the fire with a glass of wine.
Ah, sweet dreams
Will you be taking your coffee on the veranda this morning?



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$420. Someone has to bid that.

$500 :slight_smile:

Any restrictions on when this is valid?


No restrictions! We are very flexible!

Berserkers rule! [cheers.gif]

Ana is good people.

the winners are lucky people.


What size are the beds?