AUCTION: Jason Hagen Fundraiser by Biggio Hamina - Can you help a brother out?

Thanks, Joel! Not to stop anyone from bidding more, but as my max match has been hit, I’ve made my donation. Thanks to Todd for donating the wine, and thanks also to Tony and for those that have gone directly to the gofundme page and made direct contributions.

Thank you Chuck!

Amazing. Thanks so much. And I do love the XX. Year after year I would taste it out of barrel waiting for it to be bottled.

All of you have been so kind and generous.

Todd, even if I can’t drink the wine, I hope to visit with some friends in the near future.



Well done folks. Such kindness.

Jason we can go for tea.

Thanks so very much to you all!!!

My dear berserkers, my beautiful family. Jason and I are overwhelmed by the love and support that you have shown us…and continue to shower over us. This community…you sure know how to love extravagantly. We feel it. It is carrying us. I want to hug each of you and kiss your face. Someday maybe. Until then, please know how extremely grateful we are. Life is difficult, but love and beauty abounds. Thank you for being a bright light in the darkness. So much love, Laura Hagen

Most of you don’t have the pleasure of knowing either Jason or Laura (whom I’ve only met in person one time, unfortunately) but the support this forum has shown for Jason is both deserved and extremely worthy, let me assure you of that.

If you get the opportunity for Laura to ‘hug you and kiss your face’ freakin’ take it!! [cheers.gif]

Can you please post the gofundme link so I can make the matching contribution. Perhaps some other Berserkers want to visit as well. It’s been a fine day with all the great offer for our benefit, the genorosity of the producers in donations of auction items and the spirit of the Community to help each other and make a difference.

I’ve partied with both Laura and Jason on multiple occasions. They’re f’n awesome.

Extra cheers for everyone who took the time and expense in support. They’re seriously cool and good peoples.

here you go my friend, positive rasta vibe for that effort to you and all the matching bidders.


Thanks Brig. Funded.
Looks like Jason and Laura are approaching 1/2 of the target with strong support over the past 4 months. Other Berserkers have visited today as well starting with Chuck and his big step up to the plate. Todd H upped the stakes by adding the cherry on top of the offer and Joel D with the big bid to close it out. Cheers to all.

As you can see many berserker lurkers have peppered the gofundme page.

Truely the best BD ever.