Auction house emails Acker vs. HDH


I found it kind of amusing that on Friday I got an email from Acker proclaiming them the winner of the “Triple Crown” which is the most sales in America, Asia, and the World.

The firm’s US$45 million in sales and over 900 world records were both up an incredible 50% versus the same six months in 2016, as the world’s top collectors continue to choose Acker Merrall to buy and sell the world’s finest and rarest wines.

Today I get an email from HDH and it says:

Consign Now: Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. Retains Status as Leader of the US Auction Market for the First Half of 2017 June Auction Brings HDH’s US Auction Sales to $24MIn a monumental two-day sale this past weekend, Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. cemented its status as the #1 wine auction house in the US for the first half of 2017, exceeding its nearest competitor by over 40%. Thus far this year, HDH has sold 100% of the 8,322 lots offered for a total of $24.3 million. In addition, HDH leads the online wine auction market, having sold over $3.5 million in their mobile-only sales since January.

I don’t know if it is a difference in quantifying “sales” or who is right. I still scratch my head that Acker is able to do the amount of volume that they apparently sell. They still claim to get significant consignments, I would think if things were still astray they would have a massive target on their backs.

anyways, I thought it was entertaining. Although, I could be missing something.


do all of Acker’s sales count as wine sold?

A careful read suggests both may be true.

It’s likely that Acker’s “US$45 million” is worldwide sales. HDH says their “$24.3 million” is US sales. Acker wins the global crown but much of its sales are in Asia, while HDH wins the US crown.

I’m just appalled that Acker are still in business.

In the past, Acker claimed the triple crown as Asia, NYC, and total (conveniently excluding anyone based in say… Chicago!)

Not sure if that is the math this year, but that caught my eye before