AUCTION: Grassl Glass - Vigneron Series 2 Cru, 2 1855, 2 Liberté, 2 Mineralité and 1 Carafe LOT#4

Donor: Chris Freemott @
Value: $630 (note: BD12 price from Chris is $350)
MinBidIncr: $10
Shipping Included: Free
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

Grassl Glass Vigneron series; mouth-blown, weightless and functional design to capture the winemaker’s intended signature. The 9-piece collection contains the following:

  • Two Cru Glasses
  • Two 1855 Glasses
  • Two Liberté Glasses
  • Two Mineralité
  • One Carafe or Decanter

Pictured below is the decanter, not the carafe but Chris says he’ll make it a decanter at no charge!


Is the decanter or carafe included as the picture shows a decanter ?

Anyways i’ll start with $100





oops… missed the last one… sorry



Value seems much higher than listed in original post if I use $35 x8, I get $280 without caraffe.

Assume the winner can have the carafe or the decanter…I’m ambivalent. but, in theory it should be a Vigneron decanter and Brig simply has the wrong word… But, as always, we’ll make the winner happy. And, yeah, it’s (855)+80 as a value though you can do all of that today for (835)+50…

So, step up ya cheapskates. :stuck_out_tongue:



I updated the offer to either carafe or decanter at no charge, take that!!! neener


wow, I miscalculated the value of the package - I did just 1 glass, not 8 glasses + decanter/carafe

updated to $640 w/decanter and $630 w/carafe

Carry on…