AUCTION: Glasvin Unique Experience: Design Your Own Set of Custom Hand-blown Wine Glasses

Donor: David Kong @
Value: $500 but read the offer and tell me it’s not worth more
MinBidIncr: $10
Shipping Included: Free
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

Glasvin Unique Experience: Design Your Own Set of Six (6) Custom Hand-blown Wine Glasses

Okay, this sounds interesting, tell me more…

Have you ever wanted a wine glass that you couldn’t find on the market? As a direct-to-consumer wine glass brand, we have capabilities to create custom hand-blown glassware in very small production runs.

  • For example we worked with Other Half Brewing to create a beer glass, which sold out in one day

  • We will collaborate with the auction winner to design and manufacture a custom wine glass

  • The auction winner will decide on key characteristics like shape, weight, stem thickness, etc

  • The wine glasses can be engraved to order (in addition to the standard Glasvin engraving)

  • Winner will receive a set of 6 of these glasses

  • If we think the wine glass has commercial potential, we will bring it to market, and we will work with the winner on packaging and naming

Don’t want to design your own glass? We have a BD12 day deal for you.

Example glass we made with Other Half Brewing




my design below.






Nicely played.


I will watch from here, but love this item.


Did not mean to bid twice. I think she mentioned that you could bid up to 775





if 93 isn’t engraved subtly somewhere you messed up